TIP#1 – Dustin Mathews 7 Figure Speaking Empire Interview – Crushing it on Webinars & Crushing Life

Interview with Dustin Mathews (Yes, 62 Minutes of PURE, top-notch information):

If you would like to download the MP3 and the Transcription to this Awesome Interview, it can be found in the TIP VIP Area:

It’s with great pleasure that I had a chance to catch up with Dustin Mathews, one of the Co-Founders of SpeakEmpire.com.  For those of you familiar with Dustin, you know he “brings it” everywhere he goes.  From masterminding product launches, and designing Million Dollar Webinar Scripts, to taking time to help new folks get started online….he’s the total package.

In this interview, Dustin shares:

– Whether $50,000 on a webinar is even possible….this answer may shock you. 😉

– The Magic Words to get people clicking the “Buy Now” Buttons before you are even finished with your webinars.

– How not to “Give Away the Farm”, without Getting Paid first.

– Why you are probably designing your Webinars Backwards, and how to properly do it.

Where can you find some of their clients? Everywhere…

If you want to connect with Dustin and his team…head over to:



I hope you enjoyed this interview, as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you.  Sidenote:  I lined up a couple of other great interviews that should hopefully be wrapped up next week.  In the meantime, to kick things off here at TIP in stellar fashion, I didn’t want to delay getting this up for you.   Don’t forget, to grab your PDF by entering your email address above.  You will definitely want to mark it up with a highlighter and take notes.


Brandon Yeager


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  1. Hey Brandon,
    Wow Awesome interview i must say,i have enjoyed this interview of Dustin with you,he is really very much vibrating personality well fabricated and consistent towards his goal,I am also a fan of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and i have learned a lot from it,yeah i have shocked even with this answer that $50,000 on a webinar is even possible,but i know one thing that when a people like Dustin is saying that $50,00 on a webinar is possible then we should trust that and consider that.Thank you for sharing such a great,valuable,interesting and inspiring interview with us.

    Good Luck and God Bless!!

    With Regards!
    Samuel Joshua.
    Samuel@Outdoor Kitchen Equipment´s last blog post ..Outdoor Kitchen Equipment

  2. Hey Brandon
    Great interview. Like Rich Dad says, ‘Money is an idea’. So even before listening I intellectually knew 50k was possible, but it great to hear it from a doer and an action taker. Thanks for the great content.


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