New GoToWebinar Competitor…

NOTE:  It has been brought to my attention…and I’ve confirmed…one little difference, which has a HUGE impact on the quality of this product….there is NO ability to record.

I just called customer support and they said that is in the development stages, but they don’t have a release date.

So…sorry for the rant below.


All I can say is 2 things:

1) it’s about time and

2) I’m glad I’m with getresponse

So, I was reviewing my inbox this morning and came across a coupon for a new webinar program.  This webinar program is owned by the same company that owns Getreponse!  I believe they are going to be awesome!

GTW (gotowebinar) has been the leader in webinar technologies with their GotoWebinar and GotoMeeting platforms.  However, in 2010, they massively increased their pricing.  Now, I still get their old discount pricing, but the bad thing is…anybody new wanting to get in had to pay and arm and a leg.

Guess what!  They now have, in my opinion, a true-blue competitor whose pricing is nearly 1/2 of what GTW is putting out.  Whooo-hoooo!  Check out this pricing (Not an affiliate link).

The crazy thing is…Getresponse is offering  a 35% discount to their current users to get on board.  SWEEEEET.

So, if you have been on the fence, I’d recommend you check them out.  I’m not sure if you can get the discount somewhere on Getresponse’s site, or not.  You may have had to have been on their list already…but it doesn’t matter.  It is still a huge savings!

So, tuck this is the back of your head if you have been considering doing webinars to increase your market reach and sales.

Another TIP brought to you buy:

Brandon Yeager


PS.  If you aren’t on my advanced discount notification list, signup today and begin reaping massive savings.

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6 Responses to “New GoToWebinar Competitor…”

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  1. Alex Neill says:

    Hey Brandon

    Thanks for the heads up, I am with Aweber ha!

    I will check it out though because goto are so damn expensive and I really want to start doing my own webinars as soon as I can.

    Alex Neill´s last blog post ..Monetize Your Blog And Get Free Targeted Traffic – Part 2

    • Yeah, no problem Alex.
      It’s awesome getting to see a new guy on board with pricing that is pretty reasonable, but still should offer the “quality” of GTW.

      Take care,

  2. Jay Ortega says:

    …Thanks for the tip Brandon.

    I must say, your WordPress training videos saved me. I had a few clients who needed to switch over to WP, and thanks to your tutorials I was able to keep them as paying clients…

    What a relief knowing that they didn’t have to go to another source to get this done. I did everything they needed, and they were so happy about the results.

    Hey, I have a couple of people who would like access to the WP trainings. Any site that they can go and get them?? Let me know brother, and keep up the epic work that you do..


    Jay Ortega

    • Hey Jay,
      Shoot me an email and we can talk about the WP trainings.

      I am sooooo happy you were able to make it happen. Quick note: I use Flexsqueeze for a lot of sites and bought a developer’s license. Now, if you are making a site for a client, you have to charge them at least the $129, or something like that, to be legal. It’s not a way to give people flexsqueeze themes for free, but it’s great for providing clients with a great website package with a premium theme they will enjoy.

      all the best,

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