Save And Delete Probloggers

Whatever market place your website sits in there will be the authority sites out there that offer advice on how to do it, that advice is useless unless you actually listen to it, here is my take on it;

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  1. I agree. So many people read all of these sites (ProBlogger, CopyBlogger, Chris Brogan, etc.) and don’t actually use the advice being presented. Instead, they may think something like “hey, that’s great advice” but, as you said, just go on to the next advice without using the advice and implementing it.

    This is common in not just blogging, but any other type of teaching, as well. One of my chess coaches says it’s amazing I can use they advice they give me, because most of their student’s would never be able to take the advice and use it.

    The advice they give is usually what they’re doing, so using that advice will often give you good results as long as the content is yours and good quality.

    I also save what I like and delete what I don’t. I keep a folder with notes taken from ProBlogger’s advice. It’s especially useful if I want to get an idea of something to write about.

    However, a lot people just do nothing, and that is a waste of time and good advice.

      1. I mainly use it for the post ideas and tips on how to write the posts. For example, your “search post” article, or your “top 20″ post. I also keep a list of different things in my copy to look at when writing a post and tips for how to craft my headline.

        I definitely also keep a list for how to develop my website in the future. I do this as a to do list. For example, writing an e-book, starting a newsletter, design tweaks, plug-ins, etc.

        I also do this as for ways to get traffic; forum posting, social media, commenting, guest posting, and definitely use the advice in that keeping what I like and getting rid of what I don’t. I keep this list in a numbered list as a do list to look at after I’m done with my posts for the day.

  2. This is something everyone should do. Observe what the big dogs are doing and learn from it. Their actions speak louder than words.

    Your videos are so much more interesting to watch. Your facial expressions and voice inflections crack me up.

    1. Definitely agree that their actions speak louder than their words. This is also very true in chess:

      Strong players often say as advice for finding moves to weaker players to evaluate the position, search around all the moves for candidate moves, and calculate them all out until you’re sure of which is the best.

      In their own games, however, they largely ignore this process, taking shortcuts to pinpoint the accurate moves, making moves without calculating at all based on that the move simply had to be played or it was just obviously the best.

      In blogging, certainly, a lot of the advice people give is a lot different from what they actually do. Careful attention must be paid to discover which is which.

  3. Ditto what Richard said about your videos. The energy, information, and length all work together to make your videos hit on all the right cylinders. They’re starting to feel like a powerful vitamin pill I simply must take every day to perform at my best. My head almost exploded from all the good advice out there because I ordered every free report in the world, joined Dave’s BMC and then joined Leo’s club too (radically different but both fantastic). How I manage it is to take one great idea/project each week, implement it, tweak it to fit my style and then move on to the next thing.
    .-= Jean Sarauer´s last blog ..Top Blogging Mistakes Revealed =-.

      1. Well, heck. I just wrote a spiffy little review with the links and it disappeared. Blast it all! :)

        Here’s A-List (Leos)
        This is top-notch and the model I’d use to build a membership site. The forum is active, there are moderators checking in, Leo answers questions and reviews blogs every month, Mary (GoodLife Zen/Write to Done) interacts with folks all the time. They’ve even started a clinic with packages for blog set ups, tweaks, full designs, etc. Leo’s got a bootcamp coming up in May on monetizing, and I’m really looking forward to that.

        The link to Dave’s Blog Master’s Club is:
        Not sure when he plans to reopen the doors, but his Inner Circle is opening soon. Blog Masters is quality information all the way but the community hasn’t taken off.
        .-= Jean Sarauer´s last blog ..Top Blogging Mistakes Revealed =-.

  4. What I do is I take the ideas (usually consisting of one sentence that sums up the idea), and then type it down using my own words and way of thinking. Then from there I try to apply that topic to the particular post I’m writing.
    .-= Julius´s last blog ..Rosa Parks Is Not Done Teaching Us =-.

    1. I do somewhat of the same thing; I write a summary above it, but still store the actual content itself. I’ve found that going back to advice you may find different ideas than the other times.

  5. This is great advice. Not everything works for everyone but one will never know what works or not if they don’t experiment and give something a go. If it fails, oh well, do something different and move on.

    This message can be applied to any business and anyone.
    .-= Eric´s last blog ..Only Time Will Tell =-.

    1. Hey Darren,

      Yep the amount of entrepreneurs in the waiting is crazy, all it takes in one small step after another.

      The advice you give out for free on a daily basis is extremely valuable to people like me, but to others maybe just entertaining which is cool for them, but if them really want to make it, then a ‘just do it’ attitiude is needed.

      Hope you’re not starting to feel old now after your recent birthday lol
      .-= theinfopreneur´s last blog ..Are You Ready For Your Teacher Or Your Students To Appear? =-.

  6. Gotta agree, there is a ton of free advice if you just look for the value in it. I have a notebook filled with notes on what I want to use and what I have used. I have deleted Gigabytes of ebooks after distilling that info to what will work for me.
    Good stuff again james. Sorry to see the screwdriver go, again. :)
    .-= Justin Matthews´s last blog ..Behold the Barbie Graveyard… =-.

  7. Hmm, I wonder if it’s fear or just culturally ingrained in us to wait until we are “ready”. I mean, our schooling system, at least in the States, doesn’t favor a “learn as you go” style. Hek, people go to school until they are 25-30 years old or more to “get ready” for a job/career. To bad people get out of school and realize they don’t know jack.

    Problem with the Internet is that there is no one there to say “you’re done!”. So people just keep learning, learning, learning…consuming. We need to learn, do, learn, do, learn.

    If you’re out there reading this and haven’t started! Start doing! I got out of the cycle, you can too. You’ve got everyone’s permission. GO DO IT! NOW!

  8. James….

    Love the videos…I can’t really pinpoint what it is but I get your message much clearer now through your videos.

    I’ve made the same point through comments on other blogs…there comes a point when we consume way too much – it’s a trap.

    And yes, sleep is over rated…I’ve cut myself back to about 6 hours a night. I can’t say that I haven’t taken a day off in nearly 6 months like you though!

    Great work James…I’ve become a regular reader. Inspiring and motivational.

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