Want Any Spam For Breakfast?

Let’s face it, spam is part of a blogger’s life.  With WP coming out with 2 new security updates over the past 2 weeks, askimet has been trying to keep up, as well.  Unfortunatley, my spam appetite is completely FULL.  More than I can possibly handle.

In search of stop-gaps

So, off I went in search of stop-gaps.  I found this post quite helpful.  I read through the suggestions and decided to try out the WP-recaptcha.  Well, if they past 10 hours have any signs of success, then it was a plugin well-worth adding.  I had 2 spam comments in que this morning, versus, the 100 that would have normally been there.  It’s funny also, the more active your blog is, the more spam you get.  (I.e…the more you post, and the greater your traffic, it seems the spam bots find you a lot quicker.)  I’m not sure why, but it was something I noticed on my 2 month hiatus.

So, What do you do?

Don’t delay, give it a try today.  Here is a link to the WP-recaptcha plugin.  Or, you can simply add the new plugin easily from your dashboard.  As a bonus, it also has an email-hide capability which supposedly helps to prevent the spam bots from getting your/& your commentors email addresses.  The cost was worth the price of admission.  Huh!  :)

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  1. Hi Brandon,
    Been there and done that ……… got nothing but complaints from those who would comment. They just didn’t want to fool with it. I notice that of the 60 or so Blogs I follow, no one else uses it either. With the comment or two that I get, the last thing I want to do is run them off with recaptcha. I can deal with the akismet thing I guess. What really gets me though is the legitimate comment that gets hung in the akismet system. I’m totally rebuilding Bloggers Market come the first of the year and to start things off, I’m putting everyone on notice that I will not field comments from anyone who does not have an Gravatar. I hate placing conditions on anyone, but I notice that all …. like 99% of the spam I get comes to me without an Gravatar, while 99% who do comment have a Gravatar. http://en.gravatar.com/
    Jeffrey Morgan´s last blog post ..Brandon Connell’s Pleasant Suprise

    1. Hey Jeff,

      you know it’s kind of funny…it’s not the 150 spam comments that have been driving me nuts…it’s the 10 that Askimet is letting through every 1/2 day…those are the ones really bothering me. all I know is this…it’s been 24 hours since install….and i couldn’t be happier over how few spams I’ve received. I may end up taking it off once WP and Askimet get their security issues resolved…it’s just gotten out of hand.

      Regarding the complaints..you know….when I go to blogs..some of them even cause me to login to disqus to post…I do. Just a cost of getting to place a comment I guess.

      PS…you are also right about the Gravatars…99% don’t have one.


      1. Hi Brandon,

        You bring a very good point to the surface of a serious concern. Security! The more I read the more I have come to understand that WordPress by design has lax security measures. Opting instead for a more stream-lined install process. After all, with adequate security measures in place, I doubt they would be able to boast of a “famous five minute install”.

        One other point I would like to mention. I really don’t have a problem with Re-Capcha. However …… it breaks my back along with my brain when I have to deal with Re-Capcha on an account Log-In site, where I can’t remember my username or password, and it takes me a dozen tries to get it right. I invariably have to make two dozen attempts, because I get the Re-Captcha wrong half the time.
        Jeffrey Morgan´s last blog post ..Brandon Connell’s Pleasant Suprise

  2. For me, I had wordpress blog no long ago, so as long I only write for pure pleasure I prefer using communities for posting my articles. Either way, I dropped my own blog because I had to pay the hosting, but I was heavily spammed. Fortunately, I installed the akismet wordpress plugin and the spam comments were over.
    Josh Robinson´s last blog post ..josh787s Maui Blog- Giants of Maui

      1. Hey Dennis,
        So far, so good…thanks to you and Andrew again for the tip. Works like a charm…until the spammers crack it’s code. :) Until then, I’m liking it.

        Hold on tight…some good stuff coming soon.


  3. I get soooo much SPAM these days, I think I need to consider something like this.
    Thanks for the tips man

    Oh and… BOO! LOL
    Been a while I think – how you been Brandon?

    1. Hey Kurt,
      Thanks! It actually caught your reply in spam for some reason. Hmmmmm.
      It’s working AWESOME. i don’t think I’ve had 1 bot spam over the last several days its been installed. They could sell that thing….

  4. Hi Brandon,

    I see you’ve already heard of G.A.S.P. from Dennis and Andrew. I’ve also turned off Akismet – after thoroughly understanding what Gail from GrowMap was explaining about false positives.

    If you use pingbacks, there is a complementary plugin that works well with GASP:
    Simple Trackback Validation with Topsy Blocker

    (The link is right on the GASP settings page, too!)


    Mitchell Allen´s last blog post ..Web Browser Wheel of Torture

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