Treat your readers like children

This post is not meant to offend you or offend your readers, but if you can communicate with children, you can create a huge following and more importantly maintain it. I’m dedicated to my family and love my child with all my heart, but it took my a while to learn how talk properly to children in order for them to grow and more importantly do what you want!

Children don’t respond to –

  • Anger – Whether it be in your voice, your manner, or your written word, Anger will destroy your relationship, and it will never recover.
  • Stress – Children like your readers, mimic your manner, be motivated they will get to it, be laid back, they will relax. Stress out and you will make them feel uncomfortable and stressed.
  • Inconsistency – If you post now and again, at different times, different days, use social media without interacting at all, or talking constantly then nothing for weeks, you’ll loose the bond that you need to be a great role model
  • Sugar – Misleading this one, Children do react to sugar, but go nuts for a while then crash, you need to feed them a nutritious diet, food that will make them grow, substance as well as treats as a reward. Feed your readers with proper meals they can get there teeth into, but also little treats keep them smiling and interested.
  • Neglect – Ignoring your readers will destroy your site slowly and beyond repair. Reply to their comments, their tweets, visit their sites and compliment them on good work, offer advice and help. Ignoring everything they do, will give them an image of arrogance you will never be able to erase.


Children grow from –

  • Love – Obvious but love your readers with furious passion. Everything they do from little tweets or status updates to commenting on your site and adding posts to their own site, reward them with encouragement, congratulations and absolute sincerity.
  • Exercise – Push their boundaries of what they are used to, encourage them to work in different ways, try new things and push the limits. By conquering what they are scared of, they’ll go on to beat anything.
  • Education –  Give them material that you know will challenge them to think about what is being said, but also make it fun and easy to learn, reward them when they do well, and help when they struggle.
  • Humour – Everyone remembers a time from their childhood where you laughed that hard you couldn’t catch a breath, Be light hearted when you can with your followers, Kids love smiling, keep them happy and they will love you forever.
  • Lead by Example – When you make a mistake, acknowledge it, and help others to learn from it. Use your experience to grow yourself into a better person. Be everything your preaching.

All these are common sense when you think about it, but sometimes quite easily forgotten when things happen so fast.  In short treat your followers/readers with respect and they will be loyal forever.

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One comment:

  1. Great post. Especially when I look to my kids – this comparison is obvious and makes complex concepts tangible. Thank you. Readers, followers, customers, kids, friends – it’s always a bit the same. I had a presentation at McDonald and tried to explain that they have to generate fans & friends not customers with the marketing. And defined following factors for success. Could be an inspiration for your list:
    • Authenticity: Nobody is perfect. This knows you customers very well.
    • Partnership: Communicate honest and eye to eye
    • Appreciation: Paying great attention to your customers
    • Patience: Real friendship is not build over night
    • Commitment: Don’t delegate, you must do it yourself
    • Confidence: You have to let go and be confident that you and you customers can be successful together.
    • Vitality: Trying something new keep the partnership going and open up new unexpected possibilities
    Cheers from Switzerland and sorry for my bad english.

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