The Hardest Post In The World


7 months ago I started out to help people, this site is designed to show that anyone, regardless of background can achieve anything they want. I’ve made some real friendships through this site and have dedicated my time to helping others.

The community on our site is simply amazing, well over 11,000 comments from some truely amazing people, which is why this post is so difficult for me to write.

A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with a serious condition, something that needs my absolute full attention to beat which is why this will be my last post for


The site is continuing.  Brandon Yeager will be taking over the site, with help from the T.I.P Team.  But for me, this is the last post I will be writing.  A small circle of people know this news has been coming for a few days now, but I’ve been waiting to go public with the announcement till now.

Some of you would have been wondering what the hell was going on recently as I haven’t been posting everyday as usual, and that’s simply down to my medication and visits to the specialist.  I’ve got one hell of a fight in front of me, and stepping down to let Brandon take the site even further forward is the right thing to do for you the readers and me personally.

I’ve thought about every single circumstance to actually maintain the site myself, but it’s impossible and I feel Brandon is absolutely the right guy to take it on.

Before I make this final post into an oscar winning speech I just want to leave you with one thought that opitimizes hard work and the right solution for having success (in life or in business).

I’ve accepted that I’m ill, I’ve accepted that it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better, I’ve also accepted the countless combinations of medication I have to take 5 times a day.

I’ve NOT accepted it will beat me, I’ve NOT accepted this will rule my life and I’ve NOT accepted defeat.

Remember how I have lived my life so far;

”You’re Already Dead, Anything You Do Is A Bonus”

Brandon wanted to share with you a few thoughts (see the two videos below), please support him, and continue to support the site that you have all helped build.


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  1. WOW…. James, this is EXTREMELY sad.

    I’m sure everyone realises how tough this must be for you as you have given your heart and soul to this site and it shows. You have inspired me more than any other blogger in the past and provided me with so much help and assistance from your useful content and experience.

    All the best for the challenges that face you now and we WILL see you back here sooner rather than later. Good luck!
    .-= Dave Ackermann´s last blog ..Kids and social networking: keeping an eye on interaction =-.

  2. James,
    I’d wondered about the posting and the change in the photo on twitter. I seriously never would have believed you were walking way, though I do understand and support your decision. I thank you for all that you’ve done to date. You will be missed, and you will be in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you a full recovery (even if that’s not normally possible) and hope to see you around, even occasionally, in the meantime. Take care.

  3. hi james,
    just wanted you to know i will be praying for you always.
    thank you so much for contributing immensely to my site and believe me, your labor of love wont be forgotten.
    we will still be here when you get back.
    take care of yourself God Bless.

  4. Dear James,

    I’m really sorry to hear that. No words can make your situation better, but I hope you see that all comments here show that you are not alone. There are a lot of people who believe in you and who’s thoughts are with you and your family. It’s sad, but your decision is the right one.

    Keep the faith and your power to fight. And know you are loved. We’re fighting with you in our thoughts. Thanks for your support and for being you. Talk to you soon,

    .-= Mariam Cisse´s last blog ..Directors’ Cut Story: Oleg Mokhov =-.

  5. We, our hearts go out to you my friend, and I know I will still be here to visit no matter what, James if it wasn’t for you and so many others I would not be where I am today….TheInfoPreneur remains my hero! xoxoxo

  6. It’s really sad to hear this, James, but I surely know that you will be back here with us again in the blogosphere :). We will all be here with you, at least I know I will. And also, welcome to Brandon :).

    I’ll be here with you, James, and will be waiting on you with Brandon and the TIP Team :).

    Good luck and hope you get better soon (which I know you will :)).

    Away with any health condition in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen!! :)
    .-= Shirley Osei-Mensah´s last blog ..5 Things To Do To Give Your New Wordress Blog A Great Start =-.

    1. Shirley,

      Thanks for the welcome. I’m going to just try and do the best I can do lead InfoPreneurs to new levels and reaches. It’s going to be a great ride. One that James has kicked off in an enormous way.


  7. Hi James, sorry to hear you are poorly. If anyone can fight back though, its you. I know that you don’t know me very well but please, please, please, let me know if there is anything I can do to help you and your family.



  8. James, You have been an inspiration to many, I will miss you my friend and hope like many, you win the fight. Keep on keeping on. Thank you for all your support, I will always be grateful. You have many friends who will no doubt keep The Info Preneur at the top, you will never be far from our thoughts and will remain in our hearts. You already have the strength and determination with which you built you blog, now use it for the only thing that really matters, you.

    Love to you and the family.

    Maria x
    .-= Maria´s last blog ..Guest Post – A Beginning, An Ending =-.

  9. James –

    So sorry to hear that you’re ill. Between your own iron will and the thoughts and prayers of your fans, I hope you’ll be able to find the strength to conquer whatever is ailing you.

    You’ve been a source of inspiration, and I wish you all the best.

    Brandon –

    I can’t speak for the rest of James’ readers, but I’ll be sticking around. If James asked you to take the helm, I’m sure he’s confident that you embody an infopreneur. I’m not familiar with your site (yet), but am looking forward to seeing where you take this site in the coming months. Good luck, James left you some big shoes to fill! :)

    .-= Jillian´s last blog ..Naming Your Price (And Why 5k Is My Sweet Spot) =-.

    1. Hey Jillian,

      Brandon here. I definitely have my hands full. It’s going to take me a work or so to get a lot of stuff sorted out, but I fully intend to take James visions for the site, and mold them into the best site that I can.

      Thanks for your support and I look forward to continuing the site for everyone.

      Take care, and thanks again,

  10. James;

    You are a true inspiration for all of us here and I am sad that life has thrown you yet, one more hill to climb. You will climb it and we will all be standing proud cheering you on.

    I would like to share with you this true story to affirm just how much you have touched the lives of others, some of which are not even adults.

    My little man suffers from Asperger Syndrome. Which bring its own unique situations to the world. As a mom of a child who suffers from this, I am constantly reinforcing the concept, “You can do it”.

    He was having a very difficult day when you came out with “Motivated As Hell”. I let him watch the video’s and start to read the workbook. During the second video, he had one of those “little man” moments and you could see the light come on. Believe me, the “light came on moments” are something that you can physically see and is an overwhelming relief.

    The point of this is, little man was able to connect with you in a way that gave him the push he needed to accept he was going to repeat this school year. More importantly, through you sharing your life story, he came to understand that it is ok to keep trying until he gets it. Equally important, he grasped the concept that he is different but has his own special unique qualities and as long as he tries, he will succeed. After all, “James said I could do it”. That was one of those moments as a mom that constantly reinforces that he can, I felt relief that someone else’s words touched him and encouraged him.

    I am always grateful to these moments because it helps me to further his education to be prepared for life. These moments are simply moments that are not learned in school.

    So, as a family, we are standing strong behind you wishing you a speedy recovery.
    “We know you can do it”

  11. PS. Just so everyone knows…I have no idea if James is going to hop back on to reply back to all of your comments. I’m positive he will be reading them all, and will be so encouraged by what you have to say, but he is really being tested these days.

    Without getting into too many details, it seems he has just a few hours per day of “clear minded” thoughts going right now, and even those hours are probably not as clear minded as he would like them to be. I’m sure he wants to do 2 things…one, spend time with his family, and two, continue to help with the transition, etc.

    So, I know James is tenacious at getting back to each person’s comments, etc, but I just wanted you to know…he will be reading, but he just may not have the time right now to go back through reply to comments, etc.


  12. Hi dear james, Sorry to hear the words from you.I hope you get well soon.

    I’m very much thankful to you because you are the one who inspired me to run my lifesher blog.When i thought of closing it. I have learnt a lot from your posts and from u.The community u have built is absolutely superb and I hope we continue it.

    I want to remember the words of my grandfather here “Every slap you get in life makes you to emerge more stronger than you are before”.

    So wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery take care of yourself and your family. Miss U james..

    .-= krish- Lifesher´s last blog ..Dealing Successfully with Negotiations =-.

  13. Brandon,

    I have had many emails with James over the last 2 weeks, and he is well aware of my thoughts and prayers for him and his family, so I will welcome you and just say that if you ever need anything, you know my email address too. Best of Luck!
    .-= Keith´s last blog ..Building Relationships =-.

    1. Keith,

      Thanks and it’s awesome to know I have many friends here to help with all of this. It’s an awesome community.

      Thanks again for the warm welcome.


  14. James, I’ve been missing your posts and especially those videos of yours. I’ll not forget the times you wrote an encouraging email, offered your help, or showed me a different way to look at things. You’ve been a bright light to so many, and now we all turn that light back towards you with healing prayers and the belief that you will beat this.

    Brandon, you’re going to do great here. You’ve got the right personality and mindset, and like James, your heart is in the right place. My prayers will be with you, as well.
    .-= Jean Sarauer´s last blog ..How to Kick Your Blog into Summer Gear =-.

  15. Hey Jean,

    Thanks for the well wishes. I’m looking forward to pressing us all into new adventures and helping each of us learn from each other.

    Take care,

  16. James,

    Thoughts are with you mate, as I said in email other day, I am sorry to hear of the news but ya doing the right thing mate, family and you first… everything else second.

    No doubt at all you will beat it with the mindset you have and the fact you ARE a fighter when it’s needed.

    You know where I am anytime you need anything anyway James, I mean that too. :)

    Brandon, not met you yet but best of luck with the site here, sure you will do ok with the community that’s here.
    .-= rob sellen´s last blog ..Wake up small minded people, think! =-.

  17. Thanks Rob.

    I know it hits everyone right in the heart with this stuff, but you know…I know James would not want it to die. He’d want it to continue to inspire and help people create amazing lives.

  18. Hey James,
    you know I’m still waiting for you to get your ass over to the farm.
    The sweet smell of farm combats the side effects of most Meds!

  19. James, you’ve got a great attitude toward life and I believe that, in and of itself, will pull you through. There’s a lot of people who say we make our own reality, and in many ways I agree with them, but sometimes things happen we have no control over.

    If anyone was capable of creating their own intellectual soulscape it’s been you, James. I don’t doubt for a minute you’ll put as much enthusiasm into getting better as you’ve put into every other area of your life. If mental tenacity has anything to do with physical health I know you’ll be back soon.

    Take care.
    .-= Siddhartha´s last blog ..Nurturing Imagination in a Reality-Driven World =-.

    1. Thanks for the welcome Lisa.

      I just took about 4 hours…went and had a nice picnic at my folks house, and now I’m filled to the gill. Gotta love barbecue.


  20. Damn, man all I can say is good luck James. I have been dealing with my daughters illnesses over the past 3 years and I know how much energy that can sap from you let alone the illness itself. Just keep that ass kicking mental attitude you have and you will be able to manage whatever you need to. I look forward to your return on the net here. God be with you Man.
    And Brandon, good luck to you, there are some big shoes to walk next to. If I can help at all let me know!
    .-= Justin Matthews´s last blog ..Fiction Saturday 3! The Man In The Hazy Suit part 4! =-.

  21. James
    Brother what time I interacted with you I loved you and your spirit. Fight , fight with all your might not for us but for your wife and kids. If you need help in any way shout it out…we will help. You and your family will be in my prayers. There is so much more to come from you so beat it and come back stronger. The internet as a whole will not be the same until I here your voice again.
    C. Bone

  22. James…. I was never really a full-time reader of your website. I’m not going to whine about how I wish I was, because it won’t make a difference at this point. What matters is that you are happy with the end product – your website.

    Good luck, man.

  23. Hi James,

    My thoughts & prayers are with you and your family! I only came across this blog a couple of months ago and was truly inspired by your attitude and motivation. No doubt this will carry you through the journey you’re about to embark on.

    Great video Brandon.
    I’m looking forward to your touch with this great blog/site. Clearly James made a great choice in asking you to step in.
    All the best,
    .-= Kim Doyal´s last blog ..[AUDIO] Interview with Sally Strebel of WordPress Hosting =-.

    1. Kim,
      Thanks for the video complement and I’m just going to do the best I can. I’ll need everyones help, but i’m telling you…I know we can build this into the absolute best resource for InfoPreneurs in the entire world.

      Take care,

  24. I really hate to hear that, James. I know this site meant the world to you. Well, fight the good fight and make sure you keep your priories straight. With the lessons you learned here, when you’re able, you’ll be able to come back and take over the blogosphere with some other sensation.
    .-= Professor Beej´s last blog ..Blogathon 2010: The End =-.

  25. James,
    Shocked, sad, sending you love and the promise of prayers. I’ve said before that I believe God led you under GAB’s radar and I mean it. You were instrumental in moving the charity forward and helping us to get world wide attention for a small Welsh charity. I can not thank you enough and I pray you will have a speedy and successful recovery.

    Much love,
    .-= Eleanor Edwards´s last blog ..You shop, they give: How to shop online and give to your favourite charity for free =-.

  26. Hi James,

    I’m shocked and saddened to hear the news. My thoughts are with you and your family. I’m sure everything will go well and you’ll be back to normal in no time.

    I know from reading your blog that you’re a fighter. I know you’re going to kick this illness in the pants and you’ll be back bigger and stronger than before.

    I look forward to hearing your comeback story. I’ll be right here pulling for you each and every day. :)

    Also, welcome Brandon. You are going to be great. I can’t wait to see what you bring to the site.

    Have a great day,

    1. Maria,
      No need for apology. :) But that’s nice anyway. Not a problem. This post isn’t about me. This post is to thank James from the bottom of our hearts for showing us how to do it. I understand the sadness. It’s actually not until yesterday/today, after nearly a week of this, that I’ve come to understand the full ramifications of everything and began to be able to clearly get my head wrapped around setting a focused course of action as to where we’re headed,etc. So, I can understand completely what is going through everyone’s minds right now.


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