Need a Video? I’m Your Huckleberry

Hey InfoPreneurs,

I have been recently getting some offline clients lately setting up websites and blogs.  I’m now adding some “epic type” videos into my offerings, and I thought this may also be of benefit to some of you.  So, I’m going to offer you an “InfoPreneur” Special. ;) Read below for more details.

Video is absolutely an awesome tool for many reasons. However, I want to share with you this thought:

You have a few short seconds to catch people’s attention, and if you can do it visually, emotionally, and in a targeted…”pain / solution type manner”, you can acheive GREAT results.

So, if you want to check it out, click here.

Knocked out another interview tonight for an upcoming information product.  I’ll be breaking into some of the different aspects of that product over my next several posts.  Who Knows…I might even share some really insider information with you a little early, and maybe some inside scoops on what to expect.

And one last thing…the early bird special is over for the course I released on Monday.  If you aren’t subscribed for my discount notifications, this may be the first you are hearing about.  It’s called Video Blogging Superstar and you can hop over here and check it out if that is something that interests you.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to serving you InfoPreneurs in the future.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Take care, and Make Tomorrow Great!

Brandon Yeager


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  1. Alex Neill says:

    Hey Brandon

    Very cool videos, video marketing and blogging is certainly something
    I want to get into more.

    I also have to say I get some really cool videos done of fiverr for, well a fiverr lol.

    Of course they are limited quality but I found a great guy who churns them out and they are really eye catching too.

    Alex Neill´s last blog post ..Monetize Your Blog And Get Free Targeted Traffic – Part 2

    • Hey Alex,

      Yeah fiverr has some crazy offers there. I spent more time than I should have looking it over after Glen from had a post there the other day.
      That being said…I also know the value of my time, and what I’m willing to spend it doing/for what price, etc.
      Perhaps I’ll have to come up with a cool bonus as a pot sweetner. :)



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