Are You A Maverick Or A Copycat ?

Mars Dorian is a child of the internet and in mad love with creative branding. If you want to create a kick-ass brand, make your blog stand out and simply rock the online galaxy with your essence,  go check out his website and grab his RSS feed today !

Tell me the truth

I know why you are here.

You’re reading this because you want to dominate your part of the web galaxy, right ? Come on, don’t be shy. You might say you just want to build a decent and popular blog, but I won’t believe you. Don’t you really want to expand your influence and become an established authority ??

HAAAA, I knew it !

Congrats my friend, you’re just as ambitious as me. Nothing wrong with taking over the world. Or at least building a remarkable blog.

You probably do this all the time

I don’t know what kind of blog you have, but chances are that you’re comparing yourself to the kings and queens of your niche – the ones that are dominating their digital space. Copyblogger, problogger, Steve Pavlina and so on, all of them remarkable in their own right. The problem is that 99% of the other blogs are bland, because people tend to copy the successful and let their own voice vanish into oblivion.

Now, I used to do this all the time, but as my lust for individuality grew, I came to the conclusion that this was a hopeless misadventure.

Every maverick in the blogosphere, and I mean super-dooper maverick – the one that will be burned into your conscioussness for ages to come – has become famous by not playing by the rules but inventing his/her own style. My favorite classic:

Gary Vaynerchuk didn’t care about SEO or writing blog posts, he just rushed into video blogging, Rambo-style. He didn’t care about offending some people with his exorbitant personality, and was busy cranking out 5 online shows a week.

He’s crushed the web world because he was only and only sharpening his style, not worrying about what other (established) people had to say.

Too much attention on the outside world is taking the fire away from your beloved core – deep inside you’re shining with endless potential but you’re too busy with focusing on the exterior that you can’t tap into it.

It’s my religious belief that you only will make significant splash if you only care about your style – and stretching it. I always practice what I preach, because taking daily, massive action has become a ritual that I devour like my muesli.

This is what I do:

I use flashy, overs-sized pics to create that epic moment when you visit my page. Some people say they are way too big, but when someone tells you that you are ” TOO” something, you’re usually riding the remarkable lane. My writing style is influenced by AVA song titles, Yiddish words and strange word combinations that my brain likes to come up with.

I have an unregular posting schedule. Now most people will tell you that you have to find your own time schedule when publishing your posts – every day or some fixed day in the week. To hell with it. I’m not a robot, sometimes I post everyday, sometimes I post every other day. Creativity is a beast that can’t be tamed like a Japanese. Don’t bend because someone else tells you to !

I don’t worry about SEO. I truly think that if you want to brand your blog around your remarkable and awesome personality – you shouldn’t worry about SEO too much. I luv writing for humans, sorry spider bots ! What kind of keywords would people use to find my blog ? How to really have an epic personal brand by being delusional and uber-creative. Well, at least it’s long tail.

Now I showed you this because that’s the style I own and not some technique from some so-called fame monster. Even if a trillion A-Blogger told me not to do it this way, I’d have to say – Sorry guys – there’s the exit ! On the other hand, if you think that SEO is the life force of your blog, and if you don’t care about pictures and irregular posting schedules, I’d have to clap my hands. You know your style !!

You should always get inspired by your blogging role models, but don’t ever EVER and ever think about copying their style. That’s raping your personality. And it’s adding more blandness to an already bland-mutating blogosphere. If you only listen to your intuition and use it to promote your style, you’re most likely to succeed. Only use stuff from people if it resonates with your heart, if not, throw it out, vaporize it ! It’s useful for others, but not for YOU !!

Having said that, I’d like to leave you with a quote from fashion god Karl Lagerfeld:

Personality begins when comparison ends.

What’s your take on this ?

Shoot me !

Mars Dorian is a child of the internet and in mad love with creative branding. If you want to create a kick-ass brand, make your blog stand out and simply rock the online galaxy with your essence,  go check out his website and grab his RSS feed today !

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  1. Hey Mars,

    Well, no one can say that you’re not unique. I love the way you are building your brand and are writing for us humans. Down with the robots, I say! :-)

    Be unique or go home.

    Great inspirational article to be ourselves. After all, that’s all we can be, no?

    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Friday’s Links =-.

  2. Hey Mars!
    I have to tell you – I feel the same way about being yourself and not letting SEO totally rule your style. I write for humans first too, and then if I can go back and optimize it, I do – but if not, oh well. Trying to write by SEO rules is just too stifling – I can’t handle the restrictions. I’m glad to see that I’m in good company! :)
    .-= Kiesha @ We Blog Better´s last blog ..Divinely Inspired Blogging? (Freemanlegacy Guest Post) =-.

    1. Hey Kiesha,

      to each his own. I don’t worry about SEO at all, because it takes the juice from my writing. Don’t feel guilty when you don’t care too much either – it’s the human part in us 😉

  3. I love this post Mars, thanks for distinguishing the importance of personal branding and not becoming a copycat. This reminds me the importance of thinking outside of the box every time I sit down to write a post.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. The things I do to be unique and original are simple: I try to write posts exactly how I would talk to people. I also try to include personal experiences in the articles I write.

    I know I need to learn more techniques to stay unique, and I’m glad to find a lot of ideas in this post.
    .-= Julius´s last blog ..Why Is Braille on Drive-Through ATMs? =-.

  5. Awesome post man. You are definitely unique in your own way. Being yourself and showing what you have to offer is what can take you far.

  6. Funny – just spent the weekend redesigning my blog’s front page and thinking about branding. The irony of your post is that Darren himself is THE original – he did it first – others don’t understand that coming second doesn’t count.

    This whole mindset that I’m too original to do SEO is just laziness IMHO – I just got an unsolicited comment on one of my SEO optimized posts – by someone who found it in the search engines – saying “wow I didn’t expect this” – that’s exactly the point I use SEO to get new readers (and buyers) to my blog. SEO is about 90% off page ie the links you build to the page and like 10% about writing a nice SEO title (which can be different from what your readers see) .

    Not every post is focussed on a KW – some of them just tell the story of how I’m doing online – but enough of them are to make sure my audience keeps growing
    .-= Lis Sowerbutts´s last blog ..Passive Income: End of the Quarter Review! =-.

  7. Hey Lis,

    thanks for your honest opinion. As I said before, it’s my way of doing things, and if SEO writing works out for you, then it’s awesome.
    But I personally prefer kick-ass and Mars Dorian style headlines then the boring version that’s Google friendly. The goal is always to listen to your individual voice, everything else is unimportant !
    .-= Mars Dorian´s last blog ..How to Connect like you Give a Damn ! =-.

    1. Sorry Dave – but whats freaking hard about
      a) deciding on the term you want to rank for
      b) including that term in your seo title and seo metadescription (via all-inone-seo – does not have to be the same as your regular title)
      c) include your term once in the first and last paragraphs (or include it in your tags which you show on the post ) – you probably do that naturally anyways
      d) build back links to the post anchored on the phrase you want to rank for.
      Frankly its a lot easier than writing well or with an authentic voice
      .-= Lis Sowerbutts´s last blog ..Passive Income: End of the Quarter Review! =-.

  8. Well Mars, you already know you are one of my favorite bloggers on the internet. Your stuff is addicting. and powerful. Great use of words here man. Just like Vaynerchuk, I see that Rambo style in you. Keep it up dude and helping others dominate the world!
    .-= Alex Monroe´s last blog ..Fist Pump Break =-.

  9. Some say fake it till you make it. Sometimes, you have to tread the paths others have followed i.e copy and we all have been copy cats at some point – the difference is others never evolve and find their own way later.

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