5 Additional Ways to Recycle Your Web Content – Guest Post

Well…James was kind enough to allow me to do a follow-up to my last guest article. In a previous post I discussed five ways to recycle content: This includes reusing your content as a blog post, as an ezine article, as a podcast, as a video, and as a guest post.

Today, I’m going to give you five additional ways to recycle your web content. By implementing these techniques into your online business you’ll increase the results you get while reducing the amount of time you spend on “work.”

Recycle Method #1- Use as an Autoresponder

You’ve probably heard the expression “the money is in the list.” I can honestly agree with this statement. One of the reasons I’ve had success with an online business was because I built a massive email list.

Now the problem with managing a list is you have to provide your subscribers with a steady amount of content.

So where do you get this content? Well, all you have to do is implement one of my “super secret ninja techniques” and save yourself some time. Simply take your articles/blog posts and turn them into autoresponders.

The cool thing about this technique is you can “set it and forget it.” By adding a few autoresponders to your email list each, you’ll provide them with consistent content while not having to work too hard.

Furthermore, autoresponders can be a major source of revenue for your website. If you’re a little aggressive, you can tie-in an offer with each message. Simply relate your topic to one of your products OR discuss an affiliate program that solves a problem that the reader is experiencing.

Recycle Method #2- Create Web 2.0 Backlinks

Wanna get really sneaky with your web content?

Well, there are number of web 2.0 properties which get a lot of “love” from the Google search engine. Here are just a few of these sites:


By regularly posting content on these web 2.0 properties you can build some quality backlinks to your site. And as you’ve probably heard, backlinks is a major factor for improving your rankings in the search engines.

A great technique for taking advantage of web 2.0 sites is to take your content and create satellite pages which provide value to readers while directing them back to your main website. The one thing you should do is change around your content a little and make it different from what you’ve already posted.

This is something that you don’t even have to physically do yourself. You could hire an inexpensive outsourcer to edit it. Or you could use article-spinning software.

(In my last post, Michelle from Taming Time mentioned that she uses a program called “Unique Article Wizard.” If you have a few bucks then you might want to look into this site.)

Recycle Method #3- Sell Private Label Rights

Up till now, I’ve mentioned some ways to ways to give away your content for free. Now we’re going to shift focus and talk about different ways you can get paid for your creative work.

You can build a nice side income by offering Private Label Rights (PLR) to your content. In a nutshell, PLR is where you sell permission to another person for your content. In a way, you’re giving them the right to take your content and claim ownership.

The money with PLR is made by offering a number of licenses to different people. By charging $1 or $2 per article you can create a small income by selling content that you’ve already used.

The trick to this technique is to group a bunch of related articles together and offer a bundle deal. In my opinion it’s much easier to sell a collection of articles that’s tightly concentrated on one topic.

The question you might have is where do I sell these articles? Well one of the best places to get started is The Warrior Forum. On this site, there’s a “Warrior’s Special Offer” section where you can advertise the rights to your collection of PLR content.

(Sidenote: You definitely want to review all the rules on this site before posting anything…It’s a large community that has a number of do’s and don’ts.)

Recycle Method #4- Bundle into a Special Report

Want to keep exclusive rights to your content while still earning a few bucks?

Well, a great technique you can use is to take some of your related content and turn it into a special report.

A lot of budding Internet Marketers think they need to create some sort of massive ebook for their first information product. The truth is you can often have more success by offering a series of small reports which solve very specific problems that people have.

Special reports don’t have to be that long. I recommend a minimum of 5,000 words. (I’m sure you can easily find content to fit this requirement.)

So what can you do with a special report? Well, that really depends on your business goals. You can offer it as a freebie for joining your list. You can create a small income stream by selling for $10 or less. Or you could add it as a bonus on a larger information product.

Just remember… people will pay lots of money for information. So even if your special report isn’t that long, you can still sell lots of copies as long as you’re providing value to the customer.

Recycle Method #5- Create an Information Product

Here’s a quick story…

About 2 years ago, I remember looking at my 400+affiliate articles and thinking, “Wow, I’ve created a ton of content about my niche. What can I do with all this crap?”

The answer was simple. I decided to group them together and create an information product about a problem that many people had in my niche.

The cool thing was 75% of the content was already written. All I really had to do was put the articles together in a seamless format and add some extra content.

(This product now generates a couple thousand dollars each month of passive income and I work a whopping total of 1 hour a week to maintain it.)

You can do the same with your web content.

Eventually, you’ll arrive at the point when you have lots of content about a particular topic. So instead of allowing it to grow dust on your hard drive, you can take these articles and use them to create full-blown information product.

But like you would do with a special report, make sure this information product actually solves a problem that a person is experiencing. I’ve encountered a number of ebook authors who provide zero value to their customers and wonder why they don’t make any sales.

cardboard into cubes
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Okay, I know a covered a lot of material in this post. If you have any questions about what I just covered, please comment below.

The important thing to remember is to always think of different methods for reusing your content. With an online business, you don’t always have to work really hard. Sometimes you can produce lots of results by being a little creative.

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  1. This is an excellent post. I have submitted a number of articles to Ezinearticles and have had a number of back links from them. I’ve never thought about getting paid for them, so I will definitely check this out.

    Thanks for these tips. Much appreciated.
    .-= Matthew Needham´s last blog ..Control your debt =-.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the mention,

    Another great list that I am bookmarking. I haven’t used UAW for squidoo, hub pages etc yet – will have to get onto that as well. Trying to get the content reach far and wide…

    @James Cough, cough – James you left off Steves bio (not sure if it was deliberate or accidental)

    1. My pleasure….UAW looks really promising. You definitely have to let me know your overall thoughts about it. I won’t be able to test it out for a few months, but the site looks extremely promising.

      I definitely want to incorporate a lot of these strategies with my new blog and do what you said… get my content to reach far and wide….
      .-= Steve Scott Site´s last blog ..Steve’s Sunday Selections – March 7th, 2010 =-.

  3. I can definitely see the value in these tips, although I’m curious about selling private label rights – are you talking about reselling content you already have on your site? Won’t that create a lot of duplicate content floating around that matches what you have on your site? Or are you talking about removing the content, then selling it?
    Also, I like the tip about using Squidoo, it is a great traffic source, but you’re right, you must change your content up, at least a little.
    Thanks for sharing these.
    .-= Kiesha @ WeBlogBetter´s last blog ..Blog Food Series: 4 Tips for whipping up fresh content =-.

  4. Cool info, like always !

    I will definetely consider some of your tips here. It would be a shame to let your good old posts rot in the forgotten realms of the web.
    Remixing old stuff with your new ideas and putting it out there again is an economic way of recycling your precious treasures.

    Thanx a bunch !
    .-= Mars Dorian´s last blog ..Whatever you think, think the opposite =-.

  5. These are all good ideas and above all, if you’re providing value in some way, that’s where you want to be.

    I like what you said about using content you already have and bundling it together and selling it to make some money. That seems like a good way of going about it as long as you provide quality content.

    Good article.
    .-= Eric´s last blog ..Build Your Blog With Fire In Mind =-.

  6. Steve,

    Some very useful tips; I’ve still got to get back to your first post. I remember thinking when I read it, these tips are worth a second look.

    I’ve used the backlinks one before and the autoresponder is one that appeals to me but I’ve not got round to yet. Procrastination I think it’s called.

    Anyway thanks again for lots more of them and sharing them.


    .-= Paul´s last blog ..A place for everything and everything in its place =-.

    1. Procrastination. It gets all of us… I think it really comes down to what’s most important right now. I do have to say the autoresponder one really works…but I try to tailor each piece of content so it’s more “personable” when I sent it out as an email.
      .-= Steve Scott Site´s last blog ..Five Comments a Day Exercise =-.

  7. I had heard of the first of your five ways to recycle and use them regularly.

    However I have been doing Social Media Marketing for over a year and this latest list is an eye opener for me. I will definitely be using these techniques. I particularly like the autoresponder one. Link that to a Blog or an Opt-In on your Facebook page and there seems to be a great marketing strategy.
    Andrew Peel
    .-= Andrew Peel´s last blog ..How To Develop Your Confidence As a Leader =-.

  8. Great tips for sure, there are quite of few things I would like to do with my new site. Making an inventory for sure now! Thanks

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