The First Quarter Mile – It’s Always The Hardest, In Business and Running

As I started my run this morning…this blog post sprouted into my head…then it started growing like a bad weed. :)

At least for me, when I start my legs cranking on my jog, they are a little rickety, joints are getting warmed up, and muscles grudgingly start to loosen up.  There are 3 scenarios that come into mind.

You Can Run Alone

This is always the hardest…it makes that first 1/4 mile really tough.  This is similar to starting any business endeavor on your own…alone…it can be painful and boring.

You Can Grab a Partner

This is a step in the right direction.  As soon as you start jogging, and talking with your running partner…it helps the time pass more quickly.  It’s a more enjoyable feeling.  Same with your business…now…I’m certainly not saying to go and bring on a business partner, unless you really want to, but that’s an entire course all on it’s own.  I’m saying…surround yourselves with like minded people who are after each others common good.

You Can Find a Coach or Trainer or Role Model

This is ultimately what will help you cut years off the curve and help push you to new extremes.  Sure, you may hit that 7 minute mile by yourself, but it’s a lot simpler when somebody has already done it before and can show you how.  They make you better, FASTER.

Hope you Have a Great Weekend.

NO MATTER WHAT though…keep on running (stay in the game).  When you don’t…you wither up, get fat and die, and that doesn’t sound fun.  hah!


Take care,


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