The Day I Jumped From the Fan Factory – And Knew Where My Destiny Wasn’t

Welcome to one of the most memorable moments of my life.  It was the day I KNEW in my heart, that I wasn’t cut-out to work for “the man” for the rest of my life.  Freedom…is Priceless.

Setting the scene:  I moved out to Lancaster, PA to do 2 things:

1) Spend my summer closer to my sweetheart.

2) Earn more cash-ola than I could near where I lived near Greensburg, PA.

Summer break between my sophomore and junior years of college.  I decided to take up some part-time work with a local Temporary Hiring service.  The pay was like $7.75/hour, and joyously, I received my first assignment.  The Columbia Fan Factory.

My wife (girlfriend at the time) was able to convince her parents to let me setup a little housing room down in their basement.  I did try to find an apartment to stay at, but they were really run-down for the price I could afford.  My goal was to make money over the summer, not blow it all on housing.  So, their basement became my “temporary shelter”.

Getting to the point…I showed up at 6:45 AM for my first day of work at the Fan Factory.  I was slated to work the 7-3, daylight shift.  They promptly placed me at the assembly line and explained my role:

  • Remove motor from assembly line
  • Place in clamping machine in front of me
  • Push 2 buttons
  • Remove motor assembly and place back on the line

These 4 steps were to take place over a span of about 3-4 seconds.  Remove from line, clamp, move it back to line.  Remove from line, clamp, move it back to line. Remove from line, clamp, move it back to line.

The lady sitting to my right loved what she was doing.  She proudly proclaimed to me that she had been there for 14 years and she explained her passions for the motor windings, and the copper annealing process that allowed the windings to be wrapped so tightly around the iron core. My stomach was getting nauseous.

Here is where the story gets exciting. My head was ready to burst.  I could NOT sit there for an entire day listening to this lady, and doing the same monotonous thing over and over again in my head.  I was literally ready to lose my mind.  You see, my brain is not “wired” to do it.  I couldn’t.  I’d rather live in a cardboard box and have nothing to be honest with you, than lose my mind.

So, after 2.5 hours of of exhilarating fun, we received our first “break”.  The only break I was determined to make, was my first jail-break. Upon the horn sounding, everyone began walking to the break room.  I, on the other hand, immediately headed over to where I could see the most daylight pouring through the metal building.  That area was known as the receiving docks.  Large garage doors where tractor trailer trucks were backing up to unload deliveries for the building.  I went over to the large door area, looked at the ground about 7 feet below, and I jumped.  Never missing a beat, I began to sprint up the long paved drive leading from the rear of the building.  I ran until I hit the parking lot…climbed into my car, turned the key, and I was out of there!

The 30 minute drive home was flabbergasting.  The 31st minute was, well…a reckoning. I walked through the front door of the house, up the steps to the living room, and sitting there in the living room, was my girlfriend, and her dad.  I can’t quite put words into the look on her face.  I explained what happened.  I think her dad was thinking…there is just no way I can let my girl marry this idiot.  No way.

I explained to them that my head was going to explode from boredom…monotony.  I think they may have started to slip into shock.  I was ready to dial 911.  (Not really, but it makes a better story).

Sometimes, you just know when you were cut out of a different mold from others in the world.  You just know you weren’t destined to be chained, to live your life within cubicle walls, to be subject to the “you have to travel here” mercenaries of large corporations.  If this fits you, I implore you to never give up.  Always find a way to overcome.  Persevere.  Find your passion and stick with it….or die trying.

I’ve worked for somebody else for only 9 months during the last 5 years.  I’ve been very blessed to find many successes that I can call my own.  I wish you the best of luck in searching out your own inner being and discovering exactly what it is that YOU want to do in YOUR life.  Remember, we all GET TO CHOOSE what we do with our lives.  Don’t tell me that you HAVE to stay in a certain job because of XXXXXX, XXXXX, or XXXXXX.  You don’t, and you choose to make your own paths.  Sometimes they are dang tough, no doubt!  Sometimes life throws amazing curveballs at us and we just need to drive on.  Leave a mark on somebody’s life TODAY.  We may not have a tomorrow.  But ultimately, we each choose to continue to have jobs we hate, circumstances that depress us, and family lives that are not loving.

Back to our story.  The funniest part…was when I received a letter about 2 weeks later.  It was from the Temp Agency company.  It was a paycheck and stub for 2.5 hours worked! We laughed so hard.  We could not believe they actually paid me for going for that brief employment moment…the one that ended with me jumping off the receiving dock of the Fan Factory, and running for my dear life.

Living Life.  The Fan Factory Jumper,

Brandon Yeager

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  1. Wow so good to hear a story like this. So encouraging. I will be quitting my job within 2 months, to follow my dreams. Really does help to read that there are others out there. 😉

    Truly inspiring, thanks!

    1. Hey JPG,

      Let’s chat sometime before you jump overboard. Let’s make sure you have your life jacket on and you are ready to go… I just checked your blog and see you are heading to Phillipines, eh? Awesome. Let’s take 5 minutes and chat on skype.

      You can do it. Just want to make sure you have some bases covered…you young’ens scare me sometimes. 😉
      (I know…I’m such a geezer). I just don’t want to see you on a couch having a breakdown at 4AM. Hah!

      If interested in offer…hit me up on my contact form.

  2. This was a great read. I can’t wait till I can quit my 9-5 job. It’s a fairly laid back job and my pay is much over minimum wage, but as you said working under another person isn’t for me. I have to live my life being my own boss, and for me there is no other way.

    God bless,
    William Veasley
    William Tha Great´s last blog post ..Go 100 Percent All Day Every Day!

  3. Brandon,

    Haha…Great story. It is always fun to read someone who makes a living online and their stories of their (usually ill fated) attempts at “real work”.

    I know I felt like running for the hills more than one occasion. I never quite had any dramatic and funny epiphanies like your. It was more of a building monotony that would have killed me (at least spiritually)

    Thanks for a fun…yet very interesting post
    Steve@Internet Lifestyle´s last blog post ..THE 1 Internet Business Time Management Tool

    1. Hey Scott,

      Yeah, some people will just die trying. :)

      I actually forgot to also mention…I actually ended up working in 3 other different manufacturing facilities over 10 years as an Electrical Engineer…completely different though. I had the opportunity to USE MY MIND. That’s really what it was…the monotony of doing the same thing every day that killed me.


      Take care,

    1. Hey Ana,
      Thanks! Don’t worry…I freely share “my business”…I believe just being honest about frustrations, and successes simply leads to more credibility.
      So…ask away. 😉


  4. This does not sound to fun to me either. I guess someone has to make fans. Sometime things that just suck in life makes us realize what we really want to puts us in a direction for the better that would have never happened if not for the bad times.
    amy@ Bingo Promotion´s last blog post ..Tasty Freebie Bingo

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