Tank out of Gas? – Refuel with Passion (99 Octane) + AMAZING POST

Cutting to the chase, when funds get low, the ONLY thing that can pull you through is passion.   Pure, unbridled, “wanting to change the world”…PASSION.

Passion and prayer have been the only things keeping me going.  It’s certainly not been the income stream (hah! or the lack thereof), though I’ve had fleeting glimmers of “this might work” and “sweetness”.

Maybe you have this dream of leaving your job, or being a world reknowned speaker, or simply wanting to share your message with the world, but you haven’t been able to figure out any way to monetize it.  That’s sometimes important.  I want to share a few suggestions.  These are what help me…and actually, these are what I’d like to see this site evolve more toward.

1) Nearly out of gas myself last week (not a lot seems to have been going right for me lately), I flipped over to one of my “can always count on for motivation sites”….David Siteman Garlands The Rise to the Top.  Many of you have probably already heard of it, but if you haven’t, you should probably check it out.  Just pick a post…any post.  You’ll leave with some 99 Octane in your tank.

2) Next, while I was recharging on David’s site, he interviewed a young guy who was absolutely awesome. Sidenote:  Sometimes it blows me away how guys like this can fly under my radar – but that tells me I’m not getting out there and giving enough on other people’s sites.  He’s been running his site for 2 years, and just now popped up.  Justin Lukasavige at CoachRadio.tv.  I mean, with a last name that contains “savige”, you HAVE to rock the world hard.

3) I also saw on David’s site an inspirational guy who is traveling the world over with his kid strapped to his back, with wife and RV in tow.  Man vs Debt.  Very Inspirational guy named Adam Baker who sold just about everything he owned, slept on, and ate, and packed it into an RV and hit the road.

Bottom Line, I know I want to inspire people like this…and I want people to come to my site to grab some octane also.  So, I’m going to be out pounding the pavement looking for inspiring InfoPreneurs to interview and bring you their stories.

If you know anyone who fits the bill, please, let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to line them up for a show.  Sound fair?  Or, if David, Justin, or Adam read this…and want to contribute…hit the contact me page.  😉

OH!  How could I also forget this.   You HAVE to watch this amazing post:

I was on Justin’s site yesterday…showing my wife some of the ideas I’d like to pull into here, and she said to me “Why is YOUR picture on Justin’s site?”  I told her that was a great question.  Turns out, Justin was demoing how he builds better report with his viewers by sending a PERSONAL EMAIL to me.  Turns out, he has a gmail plugin that pulls in my vital data, sees some things about me, and in 20 seconds understands some things I’m about…great video.

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  1. Hi Brandon,
    I’ll admit that we all need motivation every now again. I’ve always seen those that provide business motivation to others as business preachers.

    I got news for you ……… at our age, it’s us that are the new motivators of the world. I’m down to my last twenty years of life here, I’m not about to take to the soapbox. If I can’t communicate to you clearly where you will understand, take responsibly for yourself and take the necessary actions to produce whatever positive outcome you can muster well ……… ain’t no Anthony Robbins going to make the difference.

    I’ve got a killer Online business package for the beginner. I provide everything for those that would like to start out learning to earn an income Online ……… “but you have to work!” That’s where I lose 98.515 percent of my market, when I mention the “WORK” part. I watch in awe as they stampede over and past me to get to those “Carnival Barkers” I made mention of in your last post.
    Jeffrey Morgan´s last blog post ..Who Needs To Be Reading Your Archives ? You!

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