TIP#2 – Robert Shemin – Speaker, InfoPreneur, Best Selling Author & Lover of Life

Robert Shemin Interview (Heads up…I had some technical difficulties).  I switched from video (which only recorded 1 channel properly) to “audio only” at around the 10 minute mark and spliced the interview together.  Hope you don’t mind, but it’s still chaulk-full of great information – I was determined to get this interview to you one way or the other.  Also, Under the interview video, I found another gem short video on Robert’s website.  You’ll just have to watch for yourself.  It was fun speaking with a guy who has Trump on his speed-dial when he needs him.

What you learn in this Video/Audio

– About Robert & How his Business is currently Setup.

– What he feels the top things that beginning information marketers need to be doing to take their businesses to the next level.

– We talked about the changing landscape of the speaking industry and some of the things he is doing to stay ahead of the pack.

– Which method of time management he uses.

– We also talk about whether his friend Donald Trump actually dresses by putting his pants on one leg at a time, also. :)

About Robert Shemin

Author of 10 Best Selling books, Robert speaks approximately 100 times per year, including crowds of over 50,000 people.  He has also been interviewed or quoted in over three hundred newspapers and magazines, including the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Post, and the Miami Herald.  He has also been featured on CNN, Montel, Leeza, and many other programs as an expert in the real estate, entrepreneur, investing, and business industries.

Also, For a *FREE* Chapter of The 7 Secrets of the Money Masters, simply send a text msg. to 88079 with SAMPLE (space) & your email address.

Robert on Twitter

Robert’s Website

Robert Personal Email Address:  [email protected]

Here is the Video I pulled from Robert Site.  Enjoy.

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