Have You Seen CountryBoy Yet?

3 Lessons to Learn from William the Country Boy.

Not sure if you’ve seen Sir William the Geeks site yet or not.  If you have, I just want to review a few key takeaways that we all can learn.

1) Was reading a post by AW yesterday about creating epic content.  Now, this isn’t a blog…it’s essentially a squeeze page, but let there be no doubts…it contains epic content.  So, I agree with Alex…you have to go above and beyond with your content.  Create stuff nobody else does.  Bring the news your viewers want to hear. Willyam evens uses some shock and awe when he talks about unleashing a load into the jacuzzi with himself.  Hah!  So, there’s number one: Be Daring, and Be Different.

2) Strong Call to Action – Willyam tells a great story.  You can even hear the chainsaw humming away in the background.  Using these stories to captivate and hook your audience is a must-have.  His call to action is specific…signup to receive great free crap.

3) Blonds Get More Action – Ok, I just couldn’t resist that one.  Quite apparently, Willyam uses his blond locks to his advantage.  I was lying about the blond thing anyway, what I really want #3 to be…it doesn’t matter WHAT you look like.  You need to start incorporating video strategies into your marketing.

Do you want to know one of THE biggest reasons you don’t achieve any sells online? Even if it’s from your blog?  It’s because of one main thing.  People do business with people they know, like, and trust…if they can help them solve their problem.  Just because you blog daily, and people comment back and forth to you…does NOT mean that they trust you enough to help solve their problems.

Looks don’t matter, but you can definitely learn to use Video to start bring down the barriers which will allow you to go from Visibility to Credibility to Profitability.

So, this is our marketing words of wisdom for the day.  If you are ready to finally make a decision to stop working for others, and start producing an online income that can sustain your business…you should really check out the Academy.  It will show you how to finally start charging what you are worth by selling the information trapped within your brain, waiting to get paid for itself.

Take care.  Tell me YOUR Marketing takeaway thoughts on this dandy.  😉


Brandon Yeager

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  1. Brandon,

    You make a great point about epic content. I have to agree 100%. Having seen that same sales pitch at least a 20-30 times with someone sitting on the back of their yacht enjoying all the money they are making it is pretty epic to see a “hillbilly version”.

    That is really thinking outside of the box. As a rule I dislike the “look at how easy it is to be rich like me” videos. But his was very different and pretty original.

    This type of outside of the box thinking is awesome and what is needed to really kick-start any idea from “another one of those” to something special.

    Steve@Internet Lifestyle´s last blog post ..THE Definitive Guide to Tracking an Internet Business Part 2

    1. Hey SS,
      Yeah, I’m definitely not into the whole….”look how easy this thing is”, but I think he takes a unique play on the MMO niche. I just think it’s one of those types of videos that hook the viewer in and cause them to watch.

      Take care,

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