Bloggers – I’m Coming to Get You

Tweet Have you ever felt like you left something unfinished?  Like you had some “business not taken care of?”  I have.    Not in the “shoot’em up” spirit of things, but in the hopes, dreams, and aspirations you’ve ever wanted, but didn’t quite get there. I hate losing.  I HATE it.  There aren’t many things in […] Read more »

Are You In the Make Money Online Niche? I’m Not.

Tweet Yeah, crazy realization, huh? Actually…I shouldn’t even be here typing this right now…I need to wake up in a few short hours so I can go meet with some fellow business folks and do a mini-presentation with them…BUT I LOVE YOU. Seriously.  I do.  I love having a blog that allows me to reach […] Read more »

Reciprocity is ALMOST as good as a GOB

Tweet Give and then Receive. THAT is the way the world works. That was demonstrated more to me this past week, than just about at any time in my life. I mentioned in a couple other posts where I’m reaching out, partnering, taking action, and creating products like a fiend. Well, recently, I had the […] Read more »