TIP#3: The Guardian of TWBA – Chris Krimitsos’s Amazing Business – Doing What You Love

Tweet Interview with Chris Krimitsos of The Wealth Building Annex This video rocks, grab a pen and paper…you will be sitting on the edge of your seat the entire time.  This is a great story of struggle, achievement, living out dreams, and leaving a mark on the humans, yes, the real people, we touch daily. […]

The First Quarter Mile – It’s Always The Hardest, In Business and Running

Tweet As I started my run this morning…this blog post sprouted into my head…then it started growing like a bad weed. At least for me, when I start my legs cranking on my jog, they are a little rickety, joints are getting warmed up, and muscles grudgingly start to loosen up.  There are 3 scenarios […]

Tank out of Gas? – Refuel with Passion (99 Octane) + AMAZING POST

Tweet Cutting to the chase, when funds get low, the ONLY thing that can pull you through is passion.   Pure, unbridled, “wanting to change the world”…PASSION. Passion and prayer have been the only things keeping me going.  It’s certainly not been the income stream (hah! or the lack thereof), though I’ve had fleeting glimmers of […]

The World is Your Platform & Ride in a Police Car For Free

Tweet Speaking recently…talking about my Hostage Situation incident that happened at college.  Long story short…I worked as a Residence Assistant & Director of buildings there for over 3 years.  A guy put a gun to one of the guys from my buildings’ head, I walked in on them…almost was taken hostage myself…but RAN, called police, […]

Collapsed Bronchial Tubes & Information Marketing – Where is the Common Ground?

Tweet Really…there’s isn’t one.  I just needed a hook to get you reading to the body of this message.    I’ve been AWOL the last several days after I took on a Bacterial Lung Infection (for real) and now the Zythromax is kicking it’s butt.  I was getting winded walking up the steps from my […]

Bloggers – I’m Coming to Get You

Tweet Have you ever felt like you left something unfinished?  Like you had some “business not taken care of?”  I have.    Not in the “shoot’em up” spirit of things, but in the hopes, dreams, and aspirations you’ve ever wanted, but didn’t quite get there. I hate losing.  I HATE it.  There aren’t many things in […]

Are You In the Make Money Online Niche? I’m Not.

Tweet Yeah, crazy realization, huh? Actually…I shouldn’t even be here typing this right now…I need to wake up in a few short hours so I can go meet with some fellow business folks and do a mini-presentation with them…BUT I LOVE YOU. Seriously.  I do.  I love having a blog that allows me to reach […]

Friday Night Musings…And When You are On the Verge

Tweet Hey InfoPreneurs, Just wanted to run a quick post past everyone.  Yeah…I know…you’ll be disappointed I don’t have a big call to action at the end.    Anyway, What an AMAZING Week…er, Month, er new year for 2011.   I just have to share a couple HUGE impact thoughts, that I want to brew in […]

The Day I Jumped From the Fan Factory – And Knew Where My Destiny Wasn’t

Tweet Welcome to one of the most memorable moments of my life.  It was the day I KNEW in my heart, that I wasn’t cut-out to work for “the man” for the rest of my life.  Freedom…is Priceless. Setting the scene:  I moved out to Lancaster, PA to do 2 things: 1) Spend my summer […]