Hey InfoPreneurs – Want a Great Kunaki Alternative?

Hey everyone,  everybody knows Ejunkie is a pretty low cost, digital product delivery platform for your goods…well, while looking for some Kunaki & Ejunkie integrations this morning…I stumbled across some ABSOLUTELY AWESOME info…if you ever plan on offering CD’s/DVD’s…check this out:

Ejunkie is now integrating with a company called Trepstar.  Trepstar’s pricing, though slightly more than Kunaki…hands down offers some HUGE benefits:

1) you can actually EASILY integrate multiple discs into one package.  You need either disc buddy, or 1SC, or nancast to do this easily with Kunaki.

2) it actually integrates with ejunkie now!! Here is a post from october, 2011.

This is so sweet, on so many levels I can’t even begin to describe.

3) And here is one of the Icings on the cake…you can include paperwork into your mailing packages !!! Have an event coming up?  Want to include an “Other Items that may be of Interest?” flyer?  No problem.

Hope you enjoyed this tip.

Brandon Yeager

PS.  Here is one of Trepstars videos that talks about the multi-disc options and toward the end, shows some of the flyer/insert options available.

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