Interlocking Your Shields – Brandon

Now I don’t allow guest posts in written format anymore because the T.I.P Team write all text based the content for this site. I told Brandon exactly this when he approached me for a guest post here, but Brandon in true infopreneur style didn’t take no for an answer, in fact I don’t even think he heard the word ‘No’.

This is probably one of the best videos I have seen in a while which actually takes something very simple and relate it to the struggles of online progression and how to combat that, Brandon over to you;

What does everyone think?

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  1. Hey brother,

    Great video man makes me want to watch 300 again!

    I gotta tell you how impressed I was when I said abotu not being able to take written content from you because of the T.I.P Team it was almost as if you didn’t hear the word ‘no’ and instead just immeadiately flipped it to open that closed door into one with great opportuntity.

    Top work man, top work
    .-= theinfopreneur´s last blog ..How To Make People Care =-.

    1. James,
      I appreciate your allowing me to put this together for you and your team. You guys all do a great job and it was an honor.

      Yeah, 300 was great! I love that flick. Anything with people fighting with every last ounce of their soul for something they believe in rocks!

      .-= BrandonBurgh´s last blog ..15 Things About Me =-.

  2. Hi Brandon,

    Great video! I really liked the analogy of comparing the TIP Team to the phalanx system . Very interesting and you’re so right – we are like the armadillo protecting each other.

    No (wo)man is an island and we are all here to help each other reach our highest potential.

    It touches my heart that James is so loyal to the team, too. Is it any wonder why so many people love him? Ahhhh :-)

    .-= Karen´s last blog ..The Next Step In Finding Meaning For Your Life =-.

    1. Hey Karen, thanks for the kudos. I think the way you guys (and gals 😉 ) work together is awesome. I can see it on each of your sites the way you connect and refer stuff back and forth and it’s just awesome to see how you do it.
      Well, james was right…I guess the word No, really didn’t come out. I just thought the written posts may be a problem, so I presented the video as an alternative right in the first inquiry.

      Always try to forsee and present alternatives. :)
      Again, glad you enjoyed.

      .-= BrandonBurgh´s last blog ..15 Things About Me =-.

  3. Hey Jean,

    You know another take or play could have just been on asking people, even if you think the answer may be no. Again, it always helps to try and provide alternate solutions….or listening to others needs to see what does indeed work for them.

    .-= BrandonBurgh´s last blog ..15 Things About Me =-.

  4. Hey Sally,

    Glad you made it over here and stopped by. You should read every post on this site. James and his team are a prolific group, each with unique and talented backgrounds and skills that really provide a lot of great of information.

    Glad you enjoyed the video also.

    .-= BrandonBurgh´s last blog ..15 Things About Me =-.

  5. Great video, Brandon. I like the way you did an end run around the phalanx to sneak in from the back, so to speak. Very cool.

    I also think its awesome the way James IS so tight with his team…and I am hoping to take a page from his book and get a team together once I get going 200% on my blog!

    Thanks for sharing both your points, they were well taken here.
    .-= Gurl´s last blog ..Review: Blogger Beats =-.

    1. Hey Gurl,
      glad you liked the video. Yeah, I guess you’re right, it was an end around?
      It’s about camraderie that is built up over time. Times of blood, sweat, and tears that allows a group to function so well together.

      To get going 200% on your blog, simply implement what is in James workbook. It has worked for me.

      .-= BrandonBurgh´s last blog ..15 Things About Me =-.

  6. Hi Brandon,

    I’m really glad you didn’t take no for an answer too. That’s a great message you have to share with us. I really like the analogy of the Phalanx.

    I agree that teamwork is one of the keys to success and it’s always important to find people who will have your back. Great work!

    1. Thanks for the reply Jazz. Glad you like the message, and it’s so true, as James points out below, teamwork is critical. If 3 defenders on a football team are running in the wrong direction, the next play won’t bode so well for their defense.

      .-= BrandonBurgh´s last blog ..15 Things About Me =-.

  7. Brandon,
    Your video has a great message..and one that I can really relate to. From a geographic perspective I am very much located in an isolated and remote location..and it makes things tough at times. From an internet perspective I hope to be able to rectify my isolation by developing great relationships with fellow marketers. As someone who is very new to the internet world I truly believe this is essential for me. Thanks for the reminder and I look forward to making my very new site as professional as yours one day soon!

  8. Peter,
    awesome. glad you liked it.
    You know, that is the one most powerful realization as you build these relationships online. Distance becomes more and more of a nonfactor and partnerships are able to be generated anywhere, anytime.
    PS. Did get your comment on my other blog, and no worries. You’re good.
    Take care,
    .-= BrandonBurgh´s last blog ..Crazy Weekend, but Traffic is Up. :) =-.

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