InfoPreneurs – Crazy Week in Review,Traffic and Your Opinions Please

Hey InfoPreneurs!

I hope you are having a great weekend.  I figured a quick pulse check is in order.  You folks are this site, as much as I am, and I know you like to be well informed, so, I hope you find this post enjoyable.

TheInfoPreneur Week In Review

To say this was a typical week for you InfoPreneurs would be….ummm…similar to the Head of BP proclaiming right now “Everything is under control”.   Monday started with James letting all of you know that he was going to be unable to continue manning this site, and bidding all of you farewell.  I have still been in communication with James this week (and will be into the future – I care about him also), and I want you to know…he has been checking in, and I think it probably brings him happiness seeing how so many of you are rallying to help support me with the site.  He greatly appreciates all the kind words that were said.

Along with that, 3 of my kids are now off school for the summer and were home starting Monday.  Talk about wrangling things…between keeping up with this site and chasing them….whooo-weee.  My head was spinning.

The TIP Team has been fantastic. However,  Mars Dorian, unfortunately, did decide to step away from the team, and we wish him nothing but the best of luck.  He’s a good guy with great branding tips.  I have found a replacement and will bring you up to speed on that soon, as well as some other TIP Team developments in the works for you.  Don’t worry…all good stuff.  Bottom line, I’ve been in communications with the Team, our plan is starting to come together, and I hope to help equip them better over the next week with some tools and a video.

Hosting: I know I’m getting a little crazy here, but I really don’t like the BlueHost hosting I have right now.  I love the upgrades I get for free in my Hostgator account (cpanel is much better and the fantastico wordpress installs are much easier), and am moving the forum, this site, and the Motivated as Hell workbook site all over to my other account.  This is happening on Monday at 10:00 AM EST.  Hopefully all will go smoothly, but along with that, I’ll be pointing my domains to the new server soon, and needing to create new email accounts at the new host.

So, if you see the site down for a bit, hopefully, I’ll get it back on line ASAP.  But, I figure now is as good of a time as any to get the changes done with. Site:

  • I’ve managed to get through some of the pages and get some of the stuff changed over.
  • Getting a good feel for the TheInfoPreneur Forum, and how to administer it, etc.
  • Getting the hang of the routine James administered daily (man, that guy is a mad man!)  But it’s all good stuff.  Now that I’m starting to get a rhythm to everything, I’m making progress on stuff.
  • Alexa coming back up (more on that below)
  • Getting more comfortable with the Thesis theme.  I’m a big Flexsqueeze lover myself.  I don’t think I want to change from Thesis.  I know many folks use it, but it’s dashboard is a lot more difficult to use out of the box that Flexsqueeze.  Plus, I like the squeeze page capabilities for us non-HTML’ers of  Flex.  Maybe Thesis will grow on me.

Next I have a Video for you. I know we had a large spike on 5/31 and 6/1 just due to the announcement James made, etc.  For the previous 6 weeks or so, as James was posting less and less, there was less content coming onto the site each day- it was primarily the TIP Team holding down the fort (that led to fewer Retweets, fewer Google searches, etc), and the traffic began to dip.  I am so happy to see how many of you are coming back here over the past 3 days and just continuing to learn about becoming the best InfoPreneurs we can be.

What would you think taking over someone’s site.  Man, they are irreplaceable.  The site may flop and everybody will quit coming.  Yes, I expected and see a bit of a dip since the Monday post that received 100 comments.  But, guess what???  We’re not too far off that traffic level.

THAT, is a thanks to you, the readers of this site who are contributing.  We are rapidly approaching 12,000 comments on this site.  I expect we may hit that by the end of next week.

You guys have been awesome. Thank you to everyone for all the comments, the appreciative words about the videos, and your desire to continue to follow your passions to fruition.

One BIG Side Note:

Probably THE biggest area for improvement I see on the site so far…Keyword topic post titles.  Now, please do not think I’m saying write your posts and topics solely for SEO.  I completely do not agree with doing that.  I do believe we need to be focused on the readers.  However, when I look at what many of the search terms are that Google sends traffic to this site for…you would be amazed.

You can make small changes, and get the best of both worlds…SEO and “Reader-ability”.

Try this.  Instead of your post title being “Are Your Christmas Cookies Coated with Oil?” and suppose the topic you want to tie in is about “how sometimes your sweet blog posts are attacked by ignorant commenters”…or something like that.  Who knows.

Maybe Change it to:  “Blog Commenting :  Your Christmas Cookies Coated with Oil”

What you will get is a bump in SEO for the keyword “blog commenting”, plus entice your readers further.

Watch the 2nd video below to see why this is important.

PS.  Please let me know what you think so far about how I’ve been doing.  Like it, don’t like it.  What do you feel I can improve on?  I can take it.  I would really like your feedback.  Please leave a comment below.  Thanks!

Without further delay:

Video of Traffic Stats Update

Video about Keyword Post Topics

InfoPreneurs, again, I cannot express my gratitude enough to all of you for making these past several days a success.  It COMPLETELY motivates me even more that this is what I was destined to do.  Between the comments, the contact forms and emails…the tweets at me…thank you to you all.

Brandon Yeager


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    1. Thanks Dev.

      Please…let me know stuff you’d like to see, etc, what you don’t like (like Richard mentioned about the intro music for the vids being too loud, etc).

      What is it specifically you are looking for from your site? From your life?


        1. Thhhhhhaaannnnkkkkkksssss Dev. :)

          Seiously though, I appreciate it.

          I do plan on more written ones. Just doing what I can these moments. Hang in there dude and we’ll get you covered.


  1. HI Brandon,
    You asked for us to let you know what we think so far. So….You are doing a good job at picking up where James left off. I know it must be difficult and that those are some gigantic shoes to fill.

    A couple of places for improvement. First, opening music is always too loud and you’re always too quite. At least in my opinion. Secondly, you rarely sound excited on the videos. One of James’ big draws was how excited he always seemed…I miss that, and have been for a while. I think if you could project your passion and excitement for your topic of the day, it would draw more people. Just my two cents.

    Glad to see this carrying on. Keep up the good work.
    .-= Gurl´s last blog ..Making Twitter Lists With TweetDeck (plus general overview) =-.

    1. Hi Gurl,

      That’s EXACTLY what I’m looking for. Richard mentioned about the intro music also…so I’m not going to use that until I get it fixed for another video. Being too quiet….will check into that.

      Also, will try to show my passion for the subjects more. I am fearful of what people think of me. I guess it’s a self-esteem thing. I’ll just have to let it rip.

      Thanks Gurl.


      1. You’re welcome Brandon. Here I was half scared you’d be a little upset with me LOL Getting to know each other will be a process.

        Another tip….When you’re recording a video or writing a post, don’t think about what others will think of it until you are done. While you are working on these things, focus on being you and doing your best and they will come out much better I will bet.

        James choose YOU for a reason. I saw the end run video guest post and know you do have passion and excitement to share… Looking forward to getting to know you better, and to seeing that side of you come back out.
        .-= Gurl´s last blog ..Book Review: Crush It! [Video] =-.

        1. Hey Gurl,
          You’ll love the videos I’m shooting for tomorrow. :)
          I may save one for Monday. We’ll see…I have to film that one yet.

          Real quick sneak peak…I’ve just gone back through the videos of the best video person I know-James. I literally sat through and watched 1/2 of them. It is reassuring to me to watch his first day of video posts. He definitely wasn’t the James I came onto the scene knowing, but it didn’t take him long to say, heck with it, I’m letting it all go, and just expressing myself. He did a great job. again, watch tomorrow.

          PS. I’m also looking forward to getting to know all of you better also.


          1. I’ll be looking forward to it then!

            Oh..I said it on Twitter but I want to let you know more personally. I’ve been on the fence about the whole change here since James announced it (and I got over the sadness and shock). You’ve won me over today. Anyone who can take constructive criticism and run with it to make changes for the better is someone I can respect. Very well done.

  2. I can’t agree more with the keywords idea. My blog is being found for the search term “valuing customers” and I didn’t actually target it in a blog post title, just a tag. It has got me to thinking that I should now write a post about it.
    .-= Michael Pedzotti´s last blog ..Try on your visitor’s shoes =-.

  3. Hey Michael,
    Thanks for sharing that success. Yeah, I know I mentioned blog post titles, but you’re right we can’t forget about tags.

    Thanks for insights.


    1. Hey Ralph….you are absolutely right.
      (looks like and .net are gone already. dang. 😉 )

      I don’t even know if I was concerned about the spike. What I was more concerned about…is the day of James announcement, if folks would simply not come back. That’s the honest to goodness truth. James is James, you know.

      It’s been very comforting to see people still coming to get information. Once I have everything stabilized…ramp up and get better.


    1. Yeah, you never know what will bring people around your site. That being the case….kind of ties into the post the other day about trying to be readable to viewers and readers, AND seo friendly, so you get the best of both worlds.

      PS…Thanks for the comment about doing a fine job. Make no mistake…I don’t want be doing a fine job. I want to help change people’s lives here. I want this to be the best.


  4. Loved hearing about all the stats; you’ve done an awesome job so far.

    I agree with the others that the intro music is too loud. The video quality has also not been good in the video’s you’ve done; you should definitely look into getting a new camera.

    With the post topics, I think you’re doing a pretty good job so far, but you seem a bit scattered with the topics you’re choosing; there’s so much to cover. It seems to me it would be better if you started a series or two and posted the series post once a week and normal posts around those. I think that would keep the site flowing better.

    I’d really love if you added some more content to the VIP section, as well. That’s a REALLY great traffic idea.

    As well, you should probably start developing your own product in the coming months as an addition to the This is How I Do It book that James wrote, since you will certainly have some different opinion’s and ideas.
    .-= Daniel Johnston´s last blog ..Growing Your Novel Skill’s: A Casual Multi-Author Book =-.

    1. Daniel,

      Thanks for the feedback dude. And you’re right about the camera…thinking about getting an upgrade.
      And about the series…ok…good idea. You know what usually ends up happening for me. I am usually doing something completely unrelated to blogging and get struck like a bolt of lightening…whip out the camera and bang it out right there while it’s on my mind. BUT, in about a week once more stuff settles down here on my end, I will heed your words and probably start to put some series together, etc.

      VIP section…awesome tip. thank you. Matter of fact, I will make it a point to put something together for this upcoming Friday for that.

      Regarding my own product…I actually have one that I just finished about 1 month ago, the graphics were to be done yesterday. The guy is from Jakarta. I probably won’t have them now until Monday, but….let’s call it step 1.

      Also, just to give you a glimpse into the future, I’m going to do what is probably going to be a 6 or 8 week session soon. It may start in about 1 month. My main goal is to use those sessions to create a product. I’m going to show you how it can be done, by anybody, very easily.
      But I absolutely agree that having your own products is great, and I need one. As soon as my graphics guy finishes, I’m going to get that all converted over, get the new affiliate program going, etc. PS. Affiliates, keep using what you have been using for promotion. I’ll let you know once we are changed over.

      Daniel, your words are heard and felt and I’m deeply appreciative of your feedback. Thanks man.
      Have yourself a great weekend.


    1. Thanks Dave. Appreciate the good words. He keeps checking in on me…everything ok? any questions??
      I’ve been trying to problem solve them on my own as much as possible, without having to bother him with everything. I know his time each day is limited, so I try not to bother.

      I also have folks like all of you to help provide feedback, tell me what to try and improve and what you like, don’t like, etc.

      I’m here for you.


  5. Brandon, you took on a mighty task and if James feels you are the man for the job, thats good enough for me. Can only imagine the workload you have now, and if I can do anything just let me know. I guess it will take a lot of getting used to with James not here, and I miss him already. I wish you all the success with the Info Preneur, your doing great and I for one will always come back.
    .-= Maria´s last blog ..Believe In Yourself – Video Friday =-.

    1. Hey Maria,
      a mighty task it is, but one I’m definitely looking forward, and committed to.
      I sincerely appreciate the offer for assistance. Don’t worry…if I run into an issue I can’t solve, or get James to help me with…I’ll be right here asking for help. Don’t worry. 😉

      It’s always a learning experience. We can all only improve (unless we decide to just give up). I’m glad to know you’ll be here. Thanks!

  6. Hi Brandon,

    I can only imagine what it’s like to step in to something like this . . . wonderful challenge but also wondering about filling those big shoes. In the end though, it’s about wearing your own shoes, and you seem to have some great ideas for doing just that!

    I’ve been (and likely some others too) still a bit dazed by James being gone. He was like my morning vitamins and I’m still getting used to not having his messages/videos appear. So, I’ve been a bit quieter on here just due to needing some time to be real with myself about feeling a sense of loss. Sounds strange to miss someone you have never met, but he impacted me in a big way. I’m not going anywhere though, Brandon, and I support you in what you’re trying to build here.

    Agreeing with the others on the intro music here. Also, can you picture in your mind what sort of resource you’d like this blog to be for readers? That will likely help you organize the content. I just added a ‘start here’ page and am going to be putting series links in the sidebar, etc., and could see the same thing working here in terms of grouping posts for traffic building, motivation, time management, etc. The current ‘category’ list on the sidebar here is a bit wild-and-crazy, as is my own! No one ever tells us about these things when we’re writing our first posts :)

    Anyway, thanks for the work you’re doing to build on the great stuff James did here. Much appreciation going out to you both . . .
    .-= Jean Sarauer´s last blog ..6 Things That Get Easier About Blogging if You Just Keep Going =-.

    1. Hey Jean,
      Thanks for the great content comment. It is a challenge, and yep…big shoes.
      Also, I COMPLETELY understand your feelings about James. I had them also. Still do. Granted, I think I have so much “stuff” I’m trying to get my hands around, that I’ve really been focused on getting everything in line and coming up to speed. but, yes, James is a great man. I understand the quiet time and the remorse thing. Matter of fact, that announcement video I shot for James post, I was still in the disbelief of the whole situation.
      Just wanting to help him, etc for a short time until he could take it back over, but it just wasn’t to be, unfortunately.
      I like the start here page. good idea. I agree the category list is out of control. I’ve started to add some different ones in and plan to phase out the others. The really good thing is…all the permalinks aren’t setup with %category% in them, so if I change the categories, I don’t believe it will hurt with the SEO stuff for Google, etc. Not sure about that though.

      Anyway, thanks again for all the info. My plan is once this next week settles down is to come back and try to go back through all of the stuff here. Some…yep…implement immediately (like the music intro, etc). The others, need to put the plan together.

      Enjoy your gardening this weekend. 😉

  7. Hi Brandon, I love you talking about the technical side. It is, after all, our vehicle, and we need to learn every nook and cranny to be able to drive optimally! I originally was going with BlueHost, but, followed the advice of Gideon and Yaro and chose HostGator. Great! I’m glad you verified it’s a goody. It is my hope (don’t laugh, all) that you can in the future mention how to change hosts, utilize the email at your domain, and the aforementioned topics. There are holes in my education!

    Additionally, it lets readers (both previous and new, but, especially ones that were here before you took the helm) realize that you really know what you are doing (I haven’t heard ANY other blog talk about what you all have done and just did, by the way, right-O) and that James made the right decision. It should be enough for folks that James did the choosing, so they can rest easy. People now want to verify it I suppose, or something like that. Let ’em see your stuff and everything your made of! Then, when James gets healed or cured (everyone PRAY for him-it really works!) and starts another blog (and I know he will!) you all can control the universe together!!!!

    1. Hey Sheila,

      Oh yeah, I’ve now seen under the hoods of both bluehost and hostgator…GO WITH GATOR. Will also keep in mind the holes of education you mentioned and try to fill those in as we go.


  8. If I may beg of your all’s forgiveness another time, (I have a bad habit of this, but, will work on it), I am a little worried that having a TEAM early on, as James did, or so many, or something. I dunno. I read something about it somewhere (boy, that’s brilliant) and can’t remember anything. Will it make people think that you don’t care about the blog? Will they think that there is not a certain established specialty or personality, which blogs tend to have and maybe need? I’m speaking right now as only a reader, and not the blogger side of me. I’d love to learn all about this aspect as well. I have seen blogs that have multiple authors ( for one, but, they started off that way. I’d be delighted if anyone could give me their opinion:)

    1. Hey Sheila,

      no need for forgiveness…or asking. that’s what we are all here for. Remember, James didn’t start out with a team. He solo’ed it for awhile. Then gradually brought it on. Most people do not. The good …the bad. I’m still not sure, but it sure seems to be working well on this site. 😉
      Not sure if that’s answering your Q or not.


  9. As long as we are being honest here, I have to agree with what most are saying. There is a sense of loss with this site. This site was the first blog that I checked every morning. James was uplifting and entertaining and it really saddens me that he’s not around. No one can replace him. I miss his enthusiasm and drive and passion. It helped pump me up and push harder.

    It’s got to be extremely tough for you Brandon. But as you can see, I’m still hanging around and giving you a chance. I don’t know you very well and haven’t made up my mind yet. As far as the content is concerned, I feel that it is a bit lacking. I’m not taking away things like I used to. But then again, I felt that as soon as the TIP team started. It lost a lot of the charisma that made this site so wonderful. I felt that the content was all over the board and didn’t really mesh well together.

    Only time will tell. What you have done so far seems cool, honest and open. You’re really trying to make this site your own. Take it in a new direction. I appreciate that. I really hope for the best because this site was awesome. Focus, Energy and Personality will bring it all back. Good luck!

    1. Richard,
      That’s exactly what I’m looking for and there is no need to be anything but honest. I hate smoke being blown in places if you know what I mean. Believe me when I tell you that I’ll be putting as much energy into it as I can, but I’d be lying if I told you I felt in control right now. I have so many things I want to do with it, but am still learning how James did all he did.

      No matter what…I’m not going to quit and give up. I’m going to push as hard as I can, and I completely agree…James is uplifting and entertaining.

      Regarding the TIP team, this past week I sent an email out to them with kind of some thoughts on where to move post content toward. When I look at the term InfoPreneur, it’s about being creative, information products, changing the world, being motivated, etc. I’m going to just do the best I can to embody it as much as possible.

      No hard feelings, and I completely understand you. It was all a rapid changeover. Really, there was no other choice. My preference was something over a period of time, to allow for training, to allow for readers to learn about me, and me about them, etc. It just couldn’t happen that way. James is barely able to “clearly” make it through his day. It had to be.

      Appreciating your honesty,

  10. Big congrats on the stats Brandon!

    I liked what you said about setting up titles like:

    Keyword: Question/Comment/Etc

    I think it really gives a straight forward approach and helps to avoid having every post starting with ‘How-To’ or ‘5, 10, 20′ etc.

    Keep up the great work – hope next week starts on a great foot and everyone gets back up to speed as you say.
    .-= Murlu´s last blog ..How To Make An Extra $20 Online Today =-.

  11. Hi Brandon,

    I think you have been doing a great job. It can’t be easy taking over an established site in this situation. The reason we all came here though was because of James.

    James has this incredible passion and drive and I felt he regularly gave me a kick in the pants to stop making excuses and just get stuff done.

    James made me feel like I could have the success I want for my site if I was just willing to pay the price. I miss his in your face style encouraging you to keep pushing forward.

    But, you need to be your own man Brandon. You have a different style to James and that’s okay. Maybe you have the same heart as James but you’re just a little quieter in the way you express it.

    Of all the people that James could have chosen, he chose you for a reason. So, just let the dust settle and give it some time to find your feet. Just be you and make this site your own.

    And, if you could throw in the occasional, get up, stop whining about what you want, just go and get it, type of post, I’d be really happy.

    Also, I agree with the others, the music is perfect but it’s just a little too loud.

    Keep up the great work!

    Have a great day,

    1. Jazz,

      Great feedback. I appreciate it and see exactly where everyone is coming from.
      Also, will definitely try to make sure everyone is getting a swift kick in the pants every week. 😉

  12. Did you get the $100 Adword credit when you moved to Hostgator?
    Same, so I was thinking lets have an adwords challenge! Why not. make for a good post series, and its free money so hey.

    PS: Is THIS the 12,000’s comment?

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