Email Subject Line Tips – How To Get Past The Gatekeeper


Even though email marketing has tremendous potential; the bottom line is you need to get them opened so the magic can happen. If you’d like to put more muscle in your subject line writing, then we encourage you to keep reading.

Here’s a great tip… if you want to see some great examples of subject lines, go check out your newspaper or even those hilarious gossip tabloid magazines. After all, you’re doing all this work and effort to build a list and market to them, so why would you not want to do something so simple. Is that true and why so? The people who write those headlines are professional writers, and many of them have years of experience. Those writers are competent at what they do, and they know that their headlines have to draw a passer-by into their articles. The thing about it is that what they need to do and what you need to do are identical. There are different strategies with writing headlines, or subject lines, and you’ll see some that create fear, outrage, and other emotions. Your subject lines need to have that same approach and effect on the emotions. So go out there and read as many newspapers and magazines as possible because once you get a hang of it, there’s absolutely no looking back.

There’s a concept of ‘continuing the conversation’ with subject line creation. What you’ll do to achieve that is writing your subject line so there’s a flow from it to the body of your email. This strategy is simple to do because you can start a sentence in your subject line, and then just finish it in the first sentence of the main email body copy. This tactic works best when you’re writing in a one to one tone and want to convey a direct message to your reader. Curiosity can be immensely powerful, and that’s what is going on in this subject line approach. There are a number of email marketers who take advantage of this tactic and successfully. It’s important to write it in a way that builds a genuine feeling and desire that the person must find out the rest of the sentence.

Don’t be afraid to test your subject lines as well as conceptual ideas and strategies. Testing is powerful, have no doubt, and it’s well worth your time to do it. It is normal for the first few headlines to miss the mark. Test and write often enough, and you will be writing winning subject lines faster than you can imagine.

Overall, it is easy for e-mail marketing to get all tangled up if you don’t take time to straighten out certain elements. The subject lines of your e-mails are very important to the success of your e-mail marketing campaigns. Even if you are only sending out a simple newsletter it is important to focus on writing the best subject line for every e-mail that you send out.


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  1. We’ve heard it before but it’s good to remember: YOU!

    You immediately grabs the attention or better yet, use their name.

    We’ve been testing emails here at work and one of the best yet has been:

    “[name], your supplies are here”

    It’s really simple but its in response to a lead requesting information on a product – it sort of grabs them in the way that “oh, it’s in!” – usually nice click through.

    Another one we tried with a newsletter was just saying “My Apology To You” – it was an actual newsletter apologizing to the fact that we’re still a little hidden in terms of what goes on behind the scene – it had a great response because we opened it up with giving customers an inside look at what goes on at the business – everyone loved it because it really showed the human side.

    Don’t forget to segment your list – don’t blast your email off to everyone if you can break it into parts to test the subject lines :)
    Murlu´s last blog post ..Your Comments Suck And Destroy Good Blogs

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