My name is Brandon Yeager.  Friends call me Yeager, Yeags, Brand, Nodnarb, & Brandon.  So, call me any…and I’ll know you’re talking to me. :)

This site is built upon passion, motivation, and the pursuit of providing an income based on being able to take information within our (& others) heads, and be able to get our word out to the world.  It’s for those who don’t want to live an ordinary life.  For those wanting to live a life of meaning, and knowing they contributed to bettering the world in some fashion.  Perhaps, even leave a legacy where others can learn from you, because you enriched their lives someway, somehow.  

How it all began. I was a house flipper.  It’s been awhile, since I’ve flipped, but I still maintain about a dozen rental properties (which sometimes make me question why I keep them) :) .  Anyway, I began having some people coming up to me and ask “how are you doing that?”, and “can  you teach me to buy homes with no money down”, etc.


In the end, I began holding some Saturday morning seminars which were 3 hours long.  My first one had 15 people in attendance who paid me $97 each.  I made nearly $1500 over 3 hours! From that moment on, I’ve been hooked on the InfoPreneur concept since.

Recently though, I’ve been running on fumes, my bank account has dwindled, and I’m embarking again on the pursuit of one of my passions…where people help other people to live better lives, or overcome problems, or live more meaningful lives by sharing their stories and information with the world.  Yes, I’ve had some momentary shining glimmers of hope, but each time, for some reason, the income stream faltered, or I did.  This is where my quest re-begins.

My 4 Whipper-Snappers

This is where I get back to doing some of the things better that were working (like giving more), and helping others. I’ve heard that it’s when you hit rock bottom, that it is the time when you bounce back up, swimming toward the surface, and then you finally reach the top, gasping for oxygen.  Relishing the feeling that you made it.  Without prayer and looking to God for guidance, and without the passion of knowing I was put here to help people spread their messages, I’d be running on 0 cylinders.  Fortunately, I have both right now in my corner.

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Brandon Yeager

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  1. James, I would like to subscribe to your blog by e-mail. I don’t go to my reader that often. Is the tutorial link your email subscription? Am I missing it somewhere? I want you to bring the heat to my in-box brother.


    1. Hi Steve,

      Yeah if you subscribe to the newsletter on the right hand side of every page, just enter your email and name, I’ll send out a weekly round up of my posts in an email starting in the new year. No need to worry about spam or anything.

      ood to have you aboard Steve

  2. Here goes another attempt to interfere with your dinner. As duly noted by my third wife, ( a great woman-finally) I finished the fourth can of Red Bull to keep up with your entries. That would be 320 mg of caffeine.

    This provided me with enough oxygen to visit some of your unofficial mentors as well. Great choice. One question before I relapse into my official Sunday’s coma:

    The URL’s title, the blog title and the individual page entries. I figure that the url and the title of the blog should use the same keywords.. What about the individual page titles?

    If these questions are imbecilic in nature, well I had a difficult childhood.

    Thank you


  3. James – Love the posts and the comments but I still don’t see how you make any money from what you do. What else do you do for a job and to pay the rent?
    Do you go to any seminars and if so what ones did you find it good to network at?
    Where do you see the future of your blog and what does thte future holdd for the site. Possible seminar?

    1. Hey Paul,

      I have a full time job and actually at this point in time make no money from my online activity at all. I’m actually a truck driver and have literally just walked in from work. I am in the process of monetizing this site which should be done in a month or so. As for the future, yeah seminars would be great man I would love that.

      What do you think?

  4. I monetized my blog before my 1st post (still need to post material from my draft box). Having just spoke via Twitter, I agree having your own domain hosted site is paramount to adding to your long term credibility. I liked Blogger vs. WordPress, simply to experiment with many of the tools available online before committing my hard earned dollars to my end game plan of using a WordPress-domain-hosted site(s).

  5. Hi Brandon! Well, after reading your About Me, I have to disagree with you. You very definitely ARE somebody special! Reasons:

    1. Your modesty (what a trait!)
    2. James hand-picked you, so that’s a HUGE.
    3.You’re passionate about this topic.

    And, I could go on an on from just what I’ve seen in the last several weeks, but, as you’re a family man (another good point) I wouldn’t want your wife to get the wrong idea!

    I was really worried about James’ sudden exit. I have just barely gotten started myself, first last August with a blog that isn’t going to be marketable, etc. Now, with immediate plans for a new site, it is very comforting to know that you have the same attentiveness toward quality. I had just written in my diary, the day before the Hardest Post was published that there have only been two internet people that really moved me. Oh, there are a handful or so of people I read from time to time, and they are VERY GOOD teachers, couldn’t have gotten information without them, and I’ll name them all in my new blog when it’s up. I wanted to say that what I experienced with James and one other person I WILL name, Eben Pagan, was something that caused me to MOVE without hesitation and without looking back again. They both have very different personalities. One is quiet. One is excited. One’s been in this business 10 years. One is relatively new.
    I wish I could describe what it was (and I’m a writer?) Whatever it is, unlike motivational speaking, where the effect leaves about the time you exit the building, it lingers…

    1. Hey Sheila,

      Don’t worry, my wife knows I’m passionate about helping people achieve financial freedom and changing their lives….not to the point that I commit adultery though, of course :), but she knows it is what I was created for. I HATED working 9-5. Hated it. (you know what…a great new post just popped into my head, I love it when that happens) I meet with others every week who hated working for the man.
      I love what I do.

      but, I do thank you for the comments.

      And, I know what you mean about being worried about James sudden exit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fighter and will do/change/continue to work on me, this site, and others until we are all successful at whatever it is we are doing. But, I was really hoping it wouldn’t slam down to 10% of the traffic of what James was getting. So, If I can learn from him…again..as I mentioned to Gurl…more on that on the vid for tomorrow…hopefully it’ll come around.

      Thanks! And Also, thank you for the in depth comment that helps me to really see what I can do to better myself, etc. Appreciate it.

  6. You reminded me of something I was going to also say: It takes a lot of bravery for someone to take over something that someone else started, for example, a new actor that is filling the shoes of an original cast member, and so on. So, you get points for that for sure. The only thing lacking is that nobody knows you or the type of excitement that YOU will emit—yet, which is so contagious and also entertaining. Once they do, they will associate you with this role. James built (and God bless him) an awesome foundation with which to build upon. If there were ever something to take over, this is the one. People who had tunnel-vision, never having an open mind or giving anybody a chance will leave, and MANY more who are objective. I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do! I’ll be following1

    1. Hey Sheila,
      I completely agree. It saddens me about James. But you know what, I know this is the type of stuff I was built for. I’ll learn as I go, and with everyone’s help and support, we’ll make this an awesome resource and community thanks to everyone’s support. Glad you’ll be following and I’ll need all the promotion and support everyone can offer. I also understand that if done right, people will want to tell others about it and that’s my goal in that respect. Have others just promoting the value of the site like there is no tomorrow.

      Take care,
      And yep, some will leave, new ones will come. I understand that. I’m very blessed to have a great team around me, an awesome community showing support, and a huge backlog of posts and traffic already started. Now, I just need to hop on the horse and hold on. :)

    1. Hey Ana,

      Thanks…and I’m glad it provided some inspiration.

      Here’s the thing…I love blogging. It is an awesome communication tool…no doubt. One of the tops in my book. However, after coming face to face with several realizations last year…I knew I needed to take a different turn. PS. Yes…I absolutely plan on keeping up with the blog (it’s a vital part of my plan), but I just stopped feeling like I had to post everyday, or every XX days. Now, I do it when I have something important to share. Actually, there are about 7 complete shifts in my mindset that have allowed a complete turnaround in my own enjoyment of blogging…and becoming more profitable with it.

      I hear the part about consistency. And needing to have a routine, and I understand that mindset. However, my experience, and seeing people who are successfully using their blogs to create monetary streams are different that what some are doing/preaching out there.
      Are there exceptions…SURE. I can think of a few.

      PS. One of those keys mindset shifts was in the value being provided. It’s good to give away free stuff and content, but it’s MORE important to have some type of a system setup that is leading browsers to be buyers and make money. Yes, traffic is absolutely critical. But what happens to that traffic? What are your traffic sources? How is it monetized. All key items to consider.

      Take care and talk again soon.

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