My name is Brandon Yeager.  Friends call me Yeager, Yeags, Brand, Nodnarb, & Brandon.  So, call me any…and I’ll know you’re talking to me. :)

This site is built upon passion, motivation, and the pursuit of providing an income based on being able to take information within our (& others) heads, and be able to get our word out to the world.  It’s for those who don’t want to live an ordinary life.  For those wanting to live a life of meaning, and knowing they contributed to bettering the world in some fashion.  Perhaps, even leave a legacy where others can learn from you, because you enriched their lives someway, somehow.  

How it all began. I was a house flipper.  It’s been awhile, since I’ve flipped, but I still maintain about a dozen rental properties (which sometimes make me question why I keep them) :) .  Anyway, I began having some people coming up to me and ask “how are you doing that?”, and “can  you teach me to buy homes with no money down”, etc.


In the end, I began holding some Saturday morning seminars which were 3 hours long.  My first one had 15 people in attendance who paid me $97 each.  I made nearly $1500 over 3 hours! From that moment on, I’ve been hooked on the InfoPreneur concept since.

Recently though, I’ve been running on fumes, my bank account has dwindled, and I’m embarking again on the pursuit of one of my passions…where people help other people to live better lives, or overcome problems, or live more meaningful lives by sharing their stories and information with the world.  Yes, I’ve had some momentary shining glimmers of hope, but each time, for some reason, the income stream faltered, or I did.  This is where my quest re-begins.

My 4 Whipper-Snappers

This is where I get back to doing some of the things better that were working (like giving more), and helping others. I’ve heard that it’s when you hit rock bottom, that it is the time when you bounce back up, swimming toward the surface, and then you finally reach the top, gasping for oxygen.  Relishing the feeling that you made it.  Without prayer and looking to God for guidance, and without the passion of knowing I was put here to help people spread their messages, I’d be running on 0 cylinders.  Fortunately, I have both right now in my corner.

Share Your Message Today,

Brandon Yeager